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Unforgettable experiences in Dubai 

The United Arab Emirates is a small country which has lots of intriguing venues for tourist to visit and love. There are cultural hotspots, as well as modern buildings, giving you a small taste of everything. This is the reason why United Arab Emirates holidays are amongst the most attractive touristic adventures around the globe.

Dubai is packed with breath taking touristic sites and you may not be able to visit all of them so we have come up with a list which is made up of the 10 most attracting places you can visit in order to ease your stay there.

Dubai is made up of two main regions which are: The Bur Dubai found to the South, as well as Deira, which is found at the Northern side. There are also well-constructed infrastructures found on the two sides like Ho0tels, busy souqs, and mosques, banks, public buildings, villas and apartments, office towers, shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, as well as Jumeirah, which is the main tourist site.

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world today. It is a heartwarming city beaming with activities of people hustling and bustling to earn a living. However, despite the bucketful of ups and outs of the people, their friendliness is one thing you cannot ignore. Their kindness makes the city a much better place for any visitor.

This city has all it takes to crown it the most beautiful in the world. If you are one of the doubting Thomas's out there, you got to save up some dollars and see for yourself. They say seeing is believing. 

What would you say about a city with the most significant shopping mall in the world, the tallest tower, man-made islands, indoor skiing slopes and an easily accessible desert? This is a heaven on earth; a place where your heart feels nothing other than contentment and maximum satisfaction?

As the world keeps evolving, so is Dubai. However, there is more to learn about this candid city. Therefore, you can get yourself a drink, relax, and enjoy as you learn more about this vibrant destination.

You cannot tell the best time to go to Dubai because it is always hot. However, it is a bit friendlier between November and March. July and August are the not the prettiest months you can spend in this city since the heat can rise to 103 degrees. This means more sunburn on your skin and they are not the best things one can choose to get.

Dubai is a hot city generally, but the degree of heat varies depending on months. The hottest month is August while the coldest is January. This prepares one psychologically, so get ready with more sunscreen if you want to retain flawless skin.

Culture is one thing that significantly influences the choices of places people choose to visit. It is obvious that people cannot spend their hard-earned money to go to a destination they do not admire. 

In Dubai, you will be free to learn about the Gulf Arabs dressed in traditional abayas and dishdashas. The plentiful mosques will welcome you with the sound of prayer, and the fantastic smell of their local shisha cannot be forgotten.  

As a cultural practice in Muslim countries, Dubai is on par with them. The holy month of Ramadhan is treated with much respect just as expected. Prayers, fasting, and charity work are daily activities during this period, and non-Muslims honor this by avoiding eating, drinking, or smoking in public.

A national day is also featured on 2 December where the citizens celebrate the formation of the United Arabs Emirates. This is a remarkable holiday, so dozens of fun activities are incorporated. On this particular day, there is a lot to learn about Dubai, so if you happen to be among the celebrants, make proper use of it.

Favorite destinations:

Once you get yourself in Dubai, there are various hotspots that you should definitely set your feet on. 

•    Burj Khalifa 
It is the most famous and the tallest building in the world. Towering at 829.8 meters above the ground, this landmark building will steal your eyes for a moment.

•    Dubai Mall 
It is a worldwide known shopping stop for everyone who wants to get anything under one roof. Your stomach has also been taken care of by the classy eateries in this mall. 

•    The Dubai museum 
The museum should be a stopover as well. Learn about the Al-Fahidi Fort that is among the oldest buildings in the city. 

•    Bastakia
Also, popularly known as old Dubai, Bastakia will fascinate you with its design as well as its history.
Other renowned destinations include: Dubai Creek, Jumeirah mosque, heritage and diving village, Deira, Dubai aquarium, burg al-Arab, Dubai opera, and mall of the emirates, among others.

There is nothing that could be more fulfilling than having a home away from home. Dubai has you in this. Grab your favorite bites at the top-rated restaurants, which offer a wide range of cuisines both local and international. Get the best accommodation services that feature all a guest would wish for in the unbeatable hotels.

From the quiet nature of the desert to the thrilling activities of the souq, alongside golden sunshine and silvery beaches, Dubai is also endowed with the best present-day sighting and also the most intriguing historical attraction.

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