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Rwanda surely has a lot to offer visitors

Rwanda’s typical gorilla population attracts those who love animals from all over the globe and turns out to be a more famous touristic site in East Africa. Besides its attraction as a secret touristic site and its gorilla population, Rwanda surely has a lot to offer tourists.
Rwanda’s main attractions are next to each other, most of which are situated at intervals of one and five hours from Kagali the capital city which is one of the charms of visiting the country. This gives a unique blend of savannah, volcanoes, rainforests, city, and lakes across its major attractions which are few but interesting. You can take pleasure in a variety of Rwanda’s attractions such as stark, from the level of savannah of Akagera National Park which is typical of East Africa’s historic safari, to the surging gorilla centres of Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park, where people have a wonderful experience with the endangered chimpanzees and gorillas. A detailed list of each of the major attractions can be found below.

Kigali is located in the heart of the country and is, therefore, a great venue to start or end your tour in Rwanda especially with the fantastic Rwanda safari. The city is hygienic and safe and has very entertaining citizens.
Tourists will take pleasure in exploring the fascinating cultural events- which include prospering music scene, award winning museums and a couple of East Africa’s most remarkable dining experiences.