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Lagos is not only the city of the wealthy but also has sprawling slums, powerful people, and entrepreneurs. It represents struggle, hustle, and success in equal measure. 

Lagos has a rich and proud culture which can be manifested by the New Africa Shrine, an exciting art scene, with modern art galleries and institutions displaying more traditional

Nigerian art

Get to see the urban city of Lagos like a resident. Explore the mysterious gems with the help of a local tour guide. Visit the famous museums, beaches, restaurants. Go on day tours and enjoy the wild nightlife late into the night.

Enjoy a beautiful drive within the city of Lagos and take photos of the remarkable town. Visit the suburban regions to have a deeper understanding of the history of Lagos. Also, get to know how the town has transformed with time.

Red Door Gallery 

Red Door Gallery offers a podium for artists. The artists are given a chance to articulate their creativity minus social restrictions. The gallery serves the complete art worth chain and displays outstanding exhibitions. 

Nike Art Gallery

The Nike Art is an amazing place for enthusiasts and shoppers of art. While there, cruise the art arcade presenting the entire exhibition of Nigerian arts. Also, observe some of the documentaries created about the Nigerian culture.

Customary arts such as carving and indigo dyeing are performed at the gallery. There are also contemporary arts, for example, quilting and painting. One can even be engaged in other cultural events such as dancing and drumming.

La Campagne Tropicana Private Beach Resort

Visit the excellent La Campagne Tropicana Resort. Here one is given entry to all the available resort amenities. Some of the facilities offered include the horse-riding, pools, kayak, and basketball yard.

You can relax under the palm trees as you watch the waves crash onto the sandy beach shore. Take a dip in the pool and kayak in the lake.

Cooldown beneath the palm trees or kayak in the lagoon, and dive in the pool. Later, eat on the shoreline and drink some coconut juice. Turn the beach into an escape on this secluded resort day-visit that is ensured to make one feel revived.

Lagos Bar Beach

This beach is not named in view of the many numbers of bars along the shoreline itself, but it's named after the sand bars that describe the coastline of Lagos.

It is famous among beach lovers. The beach is the major inward city seashore. Different shorelines offer an escape from the city. Some of which include; Lekki Beach, Eleko Beach, Alpha Beach, and Badagry seashore among others.

National Museum

The historical center is pleasant for a brief visit. Thus, regardless of the busy program that one may have, they stop by. The National Museum is situated in Onikan, Lagos Island. It is near Ikoyi and next to Victoria Island.

It is easily accessible, particularly if one is familiar with the streets around the region. But, the museum is difficult to discover, yet it is worth the sweat. The museum accommodates an incredible assortment of Nigerian antiquities and arts.

Badagry Town 

Go to Badagry for a historical day trip. Badagry is a seaside town that was one of West Africa's slave docks.

Stopover at the Badagry slave market site. Also, visit the Point of No Return where seized Africans were shipped to America to encounter their doom. See the first missionaries' mausoleum and the Slave Trade Relics Institution.

Also, hear of the slave trade narrative. Badagry is also home to the Baracoon cells. Slaves remained chained with neck shackles and mouth latches for months in these prison cells. 

Nok by Alara

The African restaurant offers modern African cooking. One can have a bite of the well-known pounded potatoes with lamb rack slices.
Also, for starters, try the Goats Spring Roll. For the main, go for the delectable Oxtail Melt.

Yellow Chilli

When in Lagos, visit The Yellow Chilli Limited. It is dedicated to the beautiful art of divulging African foods in its most elegant types and flavors. 

The seafood okro is one thrilling variation of the famous okro soup. It comprises fish, prawns, chopped okro, and in a creamy soup.

Try also the otong soup. The African cooking is a mixture of ogbono and chopped okro. It is then blended with ugu leaves to create a delicious dish.


If visiting Lagos for the first time searching for places of entertainment to go is common. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, stopover at the Coliseum (Night Shift). It has incredible pubs, nightclubs, and lounges.

There is excellent music, exceptional, enthusiastic fun crowd. Also, it is the leading nightclub where one's security is ensured.

New Afrika Shrine 

If searching for blazing hot Afrobeat, visit the New Afrika Shrine. It is a sizeable corrugated container shack. The shack is a dwelling to Femi Kuti's home-made turf concerts

It has plastic picnic seats and tables. The place offers affordable beer and roaming food stand sellers. Above all, one can enjoy the fantastic live music.


Lagos is not perceived as a city for tourists. Although there are excellent scenes and experiences to be enjoyed if one makes an effort.

There are a lot of amazing beaches especially if one makes an effort to get outside the city. The town also has beautiful museums, art centers, and galleries.

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