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Zambia Is Africa's Best Kept Secret

Zambia is widely known as one of the most attractive, natural, friendly and diverse countries in the whole of Africa.  Zambia possesses more natural water resources apart from the Great Victoria falls than all other African countries in the South, including a lot of other falls which are spread all over the country not forgetting the renowned Zambezi River.  The numerous National Parks provides people with a chance to see Africa’s grassland prey and their predators, while the lively urban areas provide an experience of the diverse Zambian culture.


Lusaka has a calm breeze and people are usually fond of it and relaxed even though it is not one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.
Some big streets are usually lined with jacarandas. They are most attractive in September and October when the pavements are covered in purple flowers and the trees blossom.

Lumumba Market

Cairo Road is the major street in Lusaka where there are many fairs and markets. During weekdays, the roads are jam-packed with people and the traffic is basically a stalemate. Lusaka’s largest market, Lumumba, is just east of the road. This place is intriguing to visit but it is advisable to take a native to get you acquainted with the prices and local customs.
Finally, the Moore Pottery factory which is found on the eastern side of Kabelenga Road has beautiful pottery and is a place worth visiting.