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Discover magical Kenya

Kenya, which is located in East Africa, gives a distinct approach to blend beach and safari targets in a very exceptional holiday adventure. You can simply come up with a unique vacation to take Kenya's amazingly abundant wildlife and also time appreciate the astonishing Indian Ocean beaches.
A Kenyan safari is a wonderful activity to target. Home to the renowned Masai Mara, tourists have been frequenting Kenya for quite a long time to see the legendary wildebeest migration track in its yearly phase. That notwithstanding, there is Amboseli with its enormous mammoths in the shelter of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Samburu in the north, and Tsavo in the south. At last, don't forget the dazzling equatorial Kenyan beaches. You could stay in Kenya for a month and not notice it at all.


Being the economic hub and largest city in Eastern Africa, Nairobi is an outstanding city as it blends the vast wildlife with the various cultures in the region. Nairobi boasts of its beauty in a deluxe manner; from natural wildlife habitats to prominent skyscrapers. As the capital city of Kenya, it offers many great opportunities to its visitors and residents. 
This city is unique as it's the only city with a national park in the world. It offers a serene transcendent environment to its residents. Imagine having the luxury to visit nature after a long day's work.

Nairobi lies next to the equator making its climate favorable. It is relatively cool due to its proximity to the equator making the weather cool. The temperature goes to lows of 10 °C in July and August and highs of 24 °C in from December to February. 

It is always fun learning new cultures about people. As the heart of the Kenyan, Nairobi's culture is very diverse as its home to many ethnic groups of people. The multifaceted culture in Kenya is manifested in different forms, ranging from the people and their language, diet, music and dance, art, plays in theatre and  literature to its ethnic values and ethical norms. Blended with other traditions, these forms of expression and lifestyle shape an identity that is uniquely Kenyan.
As a tourist, a Maasai souvenir is a must have. The Maasai markets are as nomadic as the Maasai community itself, and within them, you will find a variety of products such as local cultural based paintings, curios, drawings, wood carvings, jewelry and East African Fabrics. 

The Kenyan diet is rich in ethnic diversity.  Once in Kenya, you must have the delicacy of nyama choma, which is a very famous food found in several restaurants and bars. It is a form of charcoal grilled beef or goat meat; it is regarded as Kenya's national dish. 
The primary staple food for the Kenyan people is ugali. It is a maize meal or corn flour mixed with water commonly eaten with nyama choma.

Once in Kenya, there are various areas that one must visit. Being a hotspot of diverse tourist destinations, several day trips and excursions can be organized for interested tourists. Tour Nairobi's incredible sites with a professional guide. Spending a few hours at the famous Nairobi National Park will give you the rare opportunity to encounter a number of wildlife species. It is the only park within a city in the world. David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage houses young orphaned calves which are adopted after being rescued from poachers.  The Giraffe Centre is home to young and grown giraffes, and you can pet and feed them. You can enjoy some delicious meals at the Mamba village while you get to see crocodiles bask in the sun.
The Karen Blixen museum is featured in the famous movie 'out of Africa' is not a place you can afford to miss. Finally, visit the Bomas of Kenya where displays of traditional villages belonging to the several Kenyan tribes can be seen. Enjoy performances of local traditional dances and acrobats and feel free to get your groove on as well as you enjoy the local 

The safari walk is one of the finest areas you can visit. You get to walk around as you see the wildlife animals. You also get an opportunity to take snapshots as you feed them.

Just like all metropolitan cities, Nairobi has a vibrant nightlife which springs to life at dusk. Beginning from the central city center to the Electric Avenue in Westlands, you will be confused when deciding on the fantastic restaurants and clubs to visit.
You will get to sample locally brewed beers. Nairobi has a made a name for itself through its signature brands like Tusker or Keroche. Get to interact with Nairobians as they let loose and have fun.  Some clubs also brew the beer based on the ingredients you select as you wait. 
Nairobi is outstanding and has a lot to offer. Also known as the green city in the sun, it has incredible sites that will leave lifetime memories. It is said, once you come to Nairobi, you never want to leave.

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