United Arab Emirates
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Holidays to the United Arab Emirates are unforgettable

The United Arab Emirates is a small country which has lots of intriguing venues for tourist to visit and love. There are cultural hotspots as well as modern building giving you a small taste of everything. This is the reason why United Arab Emirates holidays are amongst the most attractive touristic adventures around the globe.
Dubai is packed with breath taking touristic sites and you may not be able to visit all of them so we have come up with a list which is made up of the 10 most attracting places you can visit in order to ease your stay there.
Dubai is made up of two main regions which are: the Bur Dubai fund to the South as well as Deira which is found at the Northern side. There are also well-constructed infrastructures found on the two sides like Hotels, busy souqs, and mosques, banks, public buildings, villas and apartments, office towers shopping malls, schools, hospitals as well as Jumeirah which is the main touristic site.
From the quiet nature of the desert to the thrilling activities of the souq, alongside golden sunshine and silvery beaches, Dubai is also endowed with the best present-day sighting and also the most intriguing historical attraction.

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