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The Seychelles which is attractive and pristine is famous in many tropical island dreams

The Archipelago’s 115 coral and granite islands which are the pinnacles of a wide underwater plateau has some attractions such as attractive beaches with rocks all over, natural jungles, blooming coral reefs and UNESCO-listed natural reserves. The Seychelles is found East of Kenya close to the equator. Most of its islands and reefs are enclosed within marine resorts and about half of their total land surface is secured. While on land, tourists can take pictures of the distinct plants and animals, go for mountain hikes, climb rocks, bask on the lovely beaches and eat delicious Créole delicacies. A lot of fishing takes place in the clear blue water. Surfing, sailing, swimming and scuba diving are all outstanding, and the Seychelles shows off some of the richest fishing spots around the globe.
The wider, granitic interior islands of the Seychelles (mainly La Digue, Mahé, and Praslin) are more suitable for tourists and have numerous luxurious five-star hotels. Victoria, the small capital, together with the cruise ship port, the international airport, and the elegant Morne Seychellois National Park are all found in Mahé. Tourists are chanced to visit the UNESCO-listed Vallée de Mai on the Praslin Island Meanwhile the quiet La Digue houses some of the most elegant beaches in the world. The exterior islands are basically deserted level small sandy islands and small enclosed islands and reefs. May fishermen fish here and may find private fishing huts in Alphonse Island, Farquhar Atoll, and Desroches Island.