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Zanzibar – The magic Spice Island off the east coast of Africa

White sandy beaches, a turquoise-blue sea and in the air the mysterious smell of the spice plantations – all this is Zanzibar, the magic Spice Island off the east coast of Africa. Already half a century ago the archipelago in the Indian Ocean was a flourishing commercial centre. Cinnamon, pepper, ginger and other spices lured traders and adventurers from all over the world here into the seaport of Zanzibar. Still today the splendid architecture of ‘Stone Town’, the historical Old Town of Zanzibar City, tells about this magnificent past. Heavenly beaches, an untouched nature and a unique cultural variety do Zanzibar nowadays a still undiscovered holiday paradise. Fresh fruits, dreamlike climate and a landscape which offers everything from palm beaches up to rain forests spoil every island visitor. The culture of the island is just as multifaceted as the landscape. A coloured mixture of different religions and people combines different traditions to a cultural arrangement which is marked, above all, by cosmopolitanism. If then, at sunset, the sun disappears behind the coral benches of the island, Zanzibar delivers the last reason why this island can probably be called ‘paradise’.


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Zanzibar's rich history, cultural background and outstanding tropical beaches provides you with plenty to do - discover the best activities in Zanzibar:

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