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Online travel insurance for Mauritius residents and visitors to Mauritius

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Travel insurance Mauritius online booking made easy. Going on holidays to Mauritius or your are a resident travelling in your country or overseas? Whether you are going on business to Dubai or Port Louis, checking out the dynamic nightlife in Vacoas-Phoenix, or planning to view historical places in Mahebourg. Travel insurance for Mauritius residents and visitors to Mauritius cover to take care all of your needs. Wherever your travel across Mauritius or other foreign countries take you, ensure that your trip is covered by best travel insurance Mauritius policy is as vital as the trip itself. Book your cheap travel insurance Mauritius online and save time and money.

A travel insurance covering Mauritius policy cover loss, theft, and medical issues is a best idea. Some policies mainly exclude dangerous activities, which can contain motorcycling, diving and even hiking. Forever check the little print and ensure that the policy covers ambulances or an emergency flight home.

Cheap Travel Insurance Mauritius FAQs

What does the travel insurance for Mauritius residents and visitors to Mauritius online cover?

High medical costs

If you buy a best travel insurance Mauritius policy just one reason this is it! Falling sick or being wounded while traveling overseas can be very costly. Daily hospital costs in the Mauritius can be very high, while emergency transport home can simply exceed $100,000.

Your stuff is vital

Theft, loss or damage to your luggage and possessions can be general, yet gut-wrenching experience. If your personal belongings go AWOL on Mauritius holiday your policy will pay to change or repair them.

Disasters can strike

Disasters can strike, anywhere in the planet at any time. Travel insurance Mauritius online covers you for lost deposits and pre-paid travel arrangements for unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather, illness world-wide or accidents. 

People get sued

Imagine you are involved in an accident overseas or cause serious damage. Have a peace of mind that your travel insurance online for Mauritius will cover you for legal liability - generally up to at least 1 million.

How much does travel insurance for Mauritian residents cost?

The cost of a travel insurance will largely depend on where you are going, how long you are traveling for and your age. It can also raise in price if you are taking a cruise, have high value items or are doing some action-packed activities that you need extra cover for. Pre-existing sickness that you declare and pay to cover can also raise the cost of cover. Mauritius travel insurance resident policies generally come in 3 different tiers; depending on your trip and the level of cover you pick will also determine the price of your premium.

Why should I compare Mauritius travel insurance?

In short, to keep time, worry and loads of money. You can spend your time visiting each insurers place individually, or you can use a comparison website to compare prices and specs in one handy place.