How to pay for things in Tanzania and safe online payment methods


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How to pay for things in Tanzania

What is the best way to pay for things in Tanzania? Here's how to pay for things in Tanzania and the most secure online payment methods in Tanzania.

Offline and online payment methods in Tanzania

How to pay for things in Tanzania with credit cards

Credit cards are increasingly accepted at top-end and midrange tourist restaurants and hotels and also as preferred online payment methods in Tanzania. Bring a Visa card or MasterCard. These are essential for withdrawing money at ATMs. Visa is the most largely accepted. A MasterCard or Visa is also needed for paying park fees at most national parks. Some upmarket hotels and tour operators accept credit cards for payment, generally with a commission averaging from 5 percent to ten percent. Anyway, many do not, forever confirm in advance.

Banks & currency exchange

If you are traveling from a country that does not use American dollar standard, it is simple to convert your local currency into USD upon arrival in Tanzania.

Currency can be exchanged at airport currency banks, desks, and in some larger hotels.

Banks in Tanzania are work from 9am until 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. Wait times and processing time is very high, so we do advise their exchanging money at the airport or bring extra cash to reject long wait times.

If you need assistance to get to bank, let your safari professional know before you arrive. This way, they will be capable to make sure there is time for you to visit a bank before leaving for your safari.

Visa everywhere

Safest and best option is to have Visa with you, Mastercard is accepted on some ATMs, while withdrawals with Visa are forever possible. Maestro Cirrus cards are ok too, but checks in your bank to ensure you will be capable to use ATMs for best way to pay for things in Tanzania. Prior departure, generally US travelers have to inform the bank of future withdrawals in Africa. Ensure you inform the bank you intend to use ATMs in Tanzania. Otherwise bank might block your card, due to security measurements.

Travelers cheques

Travelers cheques are not accepted anywhere in Tanzania. If you are using travelers cheques for other parts of your African tour, they will not be of any use in Tanzania, sadly.

Offline and online payment methods in Tanzania - tips for first-time visitors/tourists

Tanzania currency is Tanzanian Shilling. First 2 things you have to know about money matters in Tanzania is that do not bring visitor cheques with you, as they are not accepted anymore. And the next thing, bring US Dollar bills. Tanzania loves dollars. Dollars are largely accepted, sometimes even preferred over local currency. Euros are okay but not as much than dollars.