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      Shabiby Line Online Bus Ticket Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap Shabiby Line bus tickets online now.

      Shabiby Line online booking made easy. Shabiby line was established in the early nineteen and they have been in the intercity bus market by providing transport service from Dodoma to other areas in Tanzania through online bus ticket booking. Upon establishment of the firm their key route being Dodoma to Dar es Salaam but later on they have expanded their services to other routes mainly to the Northern zone and Southern highland zone. Shabiby Line online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

      Shabiby Line Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Route, Schedule & Fare FAQs

      What is the routes covered by Shabiby Line?

      •    Dodoma to Arusha, Moshi via Singida
      •    Dodoma to Dar es Salaam
      •    Dodoma to Mbeya via Mtera
      •    Dar es Salaam to Singida
      •    Dodoma to same via Arusha
      •    Dodoma to Narirobi via Arusha
      •    Dodoma to Tunduma via Iringa

      Shabiby line luxury bus fleet

      Shabiby line are famous for their relax buses they have and there is no doughty that customers whose travel with Shabibby once, they will think to travel with them again. Shabiby line departure point in Arusha is Arusha Central bus terminal and in Moshi is Bus Moshi terminal.

      Shabiby line uses Chinese Yutong bus model, they have Yutong F12, F12 +  and F13, they have included a Chinese Sunlong buses model in their fleet list which are grouped into the completely luxury VIP class.

      Most of their buses are of Semi luxury class and some of them are complete luxury buses.

      What is the contact details of Shabiby Line buses?

      Shabiby Line (Head office) is located at the heart of Tanzania Capital City Dodoma.

      Shabiby Line Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

      Shabiby Line have earned the top brand status following their superior services to their customers, they also got to get several awards and symbol of recognition from different institutions including LATRA.