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• Duration: full day
• Explore Malindi & Mambrui 
• Enjoy beautiful sceneries of plantations and different landscapes
• Private comfy transportation to and from your tour
• Entrance fees to all historical sites and museum
• Lunch/Sea food
• Bottle of water & soft drink (a bottle of soda or a glass of juice)
• Beach drive and sight seeing
• From North coast hotels 


Day trip Malindi & Mambrui Tour

Begin your exploration of the northern Coast of Kenya by a pick up from your hotel or desired pick up point early in the morning by our driver/guide.Head North towards Malindi via the Mombasa Malindi highway. The distance between is 120 kilometers and it takes roughly two and a half hours to get there. On the way you will be able to enjoy beautiful sceneries of plantations and different landscapes along the coastline. Once you arrive in Malindi town you will first visit the famous Vasco da Gama Pillar which is believed to be one the oldest European monuments in Africa and having been built in 1498. Malindi, just like Mombasa and Lamu, is among the oldest towns in Kenya. It was strategically placed as a sea route to traders to and from the East Coast of Africa.Vasco da Gama arrived in Kenya in his endeavour to find a sea route to India. He was welcomed cordially by the Sultan of Malindi who was then not on talking terms with the Sultan of Mombasa. Today, many visitors to the Coast just see it as a monument, but in real sense it was a landmark that could be seen from far off — more like a lighthouse with no lights at night. Malindi lay to the west of the pillar while India was to the east. It was visible to the Portuguese through their binoculars as they approached the sea. The cross on top of the pillar faces the ocean and was an emblem signifying the route to India. This antique was built about a century before Fort Jesus in Mombasa, making it one of the oldest European installations in East Africa. During a tsunami that rocked the Indian Ocean in the recent past, the pillar was threatened, as the reef on which it is grounded was partly disintegrated. This forced the marine department to place heavy blocks of stone in the water around the reef to break the strong. It was built by Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama in 1498 while passing here on his way to India before St Francis Xavier visited Malindi in 1542. It is said that St Francis Xavier passed through there with his two sailors who died and were buried at the chapel in 1542.It stands on an eighth of a plot and hosts 36 graves of sailors and prominent people in the compound. The graves include those of Malindi pioneer Commander Lawford of Lawford Hotel, first Malindi District Commissioner J. Bell Smith who died on September 1, 1894 and Charles Arnold Frank Matthews, who was buried in 1968.He was the son of Canon Matthew, a pioneer tea grower in Kericho and had gone to Malindi on holiday when he drowned while swimming. Next tour is to the malindi National Museum a The building, known as the column house, is a charming, double storey structure, with a tiled roof, located a few metres from the Malindi jetty and fish market. The building has served many functions in the past; it has acted as a Native Civil hospital until 1952 and then as the Malindi Fisheries Office. Until it was finally handed over to the National Museums of Kenya in 1999. In May 2004 the building opened its doors to the general public as Malindi Museum. The museum currently houses temporary exhibitions. Its an interesting way to spare a couple of minutes in the museum and gain a better understanding of the history of Malindi. You also have an option to visit the malindi falcontry and Get close to the magnificent creatures at the private zoo featuring a large collection of birds of prey and other animals. You'll see eagles, falcons, goshawks, owls, and peckers, and have the chance to carry some of them on your gloved hand. In addition to the collection of birds, the site has crocodiles, tortoises, monkeys, monitor lizards, and snakes such as green mambas, pythons, and cobras. Bird flight shows happen regularly, and visitors can also feed tortoises with bananas.

This tour of the Malindi in Kenya will give you a sense of its culture, history and scenic beaches. A chic beach retreat nestled By now your tummies must yarning for lunch, so we take a short drive for another 20 kilometers north of Malindi to a magical beach known as Che shale golden beach in Mambrui where you will have your delicious lunch served. They serve fresh seafood by the beach, as they have an organic crab farm on site Welcome to the stylish beach retreat with world-class kite surfing located on the North Kenya coast. Well distant from crowded beaches, the golden beach 40 kilometers of uncontaminated beach and big sand dunes which gives it one of the most unique landscape in the entire coastline. One of the biggest attractions in the area is the big sand dunes which give the beach an exotic look and makes you feel as if you are in the Dubai dessert. With its blend of low-key luxury and natural beauty, Che Shale has been one of Kenya’s most iconic destinations for almost 40 years.All the charm and quiet of nature is captured in 9 uniquely designed, castaway-chic style beachfront bandas that combine laid-back style and attention to details and a tempting array of experiences to choose from – from kitesurfing, big-game fishing, dhow sailing, kayaking,sand yatching, beach buggy rides(at your own cost),swimming and more - will keep you as active or as chilled as you wish to be. After lunch you can choose to indulge your self in the above mentioned activities or just relux by the beach and take swim in the golden waters. Che Shale offers unusual spectacle, its small nuggets of pyrite gives the illusion of walking on a golden carpet..

There will also be beach drive a to the sand dunes (this is the only beach line in the whole coast where motor vehicles, motor bikes and beach buggies are allowed to drive) for these who would love to go and view the breath taking scenery. This is the best location for a photo session, so make sure you take advantage of this moment.Once done you can board your vehicle again and continue with the beach drive drive as you cruise along the golden beach while sight seeing. At 5pm we get ready to start your journey back. Your driver/guide  will drive you back to your hotel or desired drop off point in time for dinner.

This marks the end of our program!!


Price is inclusive of :

- Private comfy transportation to and from your tour
- Entrance fees to all historical sites and museum
 - Lunch/Sea food
 - Bottle of water & soft drink(a bottle of soda or a glass of juice)
- Beach drive and sight seeing

Price is exclusive of:

- Breakfast on the morning of your trip
- Kite surfing,sand yatching,Dhow sailing &beach buggy ride
- Extra Soft drinks, alchohol and snacks
- Tips & gratuities
- Items of personal nature


- Swimming costumes(for these who would like to swim) 
- Beach wear
- Sun screen
- Snacks & soft drinks

Policy & Terms

Tour Length: : 1 | : 0


  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fees
  • Sightseeing Tour
  • Bottled Water


  •     Alcoholic Beverages    
  •     Breakfast    
  •     Personal Expenditures    
  •     Gratuities (optional)    
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