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• Duration: 3 nights 
• 3 nights (includes breakfast and room tax)
• 6 hours lessons plus rental when you want
• Windsurfing package, Essaouira, Morocco
• Free private transfer to and from the airport Marrakech or Agadir
• Additional nights, kitesurfing / surfing lessons, quad biking and horse riding are available as add-ons during the purchase process


Do you want to know what it feels like to have wings? Knot your lines, hook the leash, launch your kite and jump on your board. Try kitesurfing and hang loose in the wind and waves!

Surfing is a precious experience. Time stands still when you are riding a wave, no matter how big the wave or how often you have done it before.

The team is formed of a mixture of Moroccan and European surf dudes and ladies. Every team member is chosen for being kind, patient and open. The entire team is devoted to water sports and fully certified. Explora™ team members will tell you everything you want to know about kites, surf, surf gear, other sports, the Moroccan culture, secret spots, language and food. Weekly or even daily team members hook up with Explora™ guests to go out for drinks and dinners. Explora™ organises a traditional Moroccan dinner for the team and guests every week, usually on Saturdays.

Our latest pride is the Explora™ Surf house. Sleep and chill out like a king or queen in your private room, the downstairs lounge or on the sunny terrace. Discover the colourful medina and breath the Arabic vibe.. The six rooms of the riad are named and decorated after famous world class water sports destinations: you will be sleeping in Cape Town, Tatajuba, Sicily, Kenya, Zanzibar or Montenegro. How cool is that? Catch up with other Explora water fanatics and meet the staff. The super sweet ladies Zaira and Aunty answer all your questions, prepare an amazing breakfast for you and make your beds daily with military precision.

— “The surfers breakfast consists of fresh orange juice, fruit, coffee, Moroccan mint tea, baguettes, crepes and eggs. We also serve yoghurts, muesli and Argan honey, and sometimes you will be surprised with homemade cakes, cookies and smoothies. And a local beer in the evening if you’re lucky ;-).”



New into kitesurfing?

Explora teach you how to kite and how to kite in a safe way. With us you will be up on the board and riding in no time! We run lessons every day of the year as long as the wind is blowing. See our lessons and levels:


1. Toes in the Sand

LEVEL 1 — Maybe a bit boring but… safety first! The first lesson is a lesson on the beach. You will learn how to fly a kite! And also how it acts in the wind. Next to that you will learn about the very important safety.


2. Hit the Water

LEVEL 2 — This is a fun lesson. The lesson will start at the beach with repeating the safety. Then you will learn how to set up, launch, land and relaunch the kite. After this it’s time to get wet, finally! It’s body drag time, yippieee!!!


3. Grab`Yo Board!

LEVEL 3 — You are only this close to being a real kite surfer, instead of an ashore spectator. When you are ready for it the instructor will head to the water with you. With the board! You will ride your first metres by the end of the lesson!!


4. Kite like a Pro

LEVEL 4 — Your lifelong kite journey has begun! The next step is to master your position and to ride upwind. After that you can start doing jumps, tricks and develop your personal style. Whatever your level is, we are here to push you to the next!


Policy & Terms

3 nights Weekend Kite Package Essaouira. Price per person. For the activities there is no cancellation if we are informed 48 hours before. If it is less than 48 hours we have a 20% cancellation fee. Organized by: Explor

Tour Length: : 4 | : 3


  • Breakfast
  • Accommodation
  • Lessons


  •     Airfare    
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