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• Duration: Full day
• Full-Day Ride & Hike, Arusha, Karatu & Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania
• For Active Guests Who Want A Day Outdoors
• Lunch at Gibbs Farm
• 2 hour quad bike ride for each guest
• 30 minute Training/Practice Session for the whole group 8:30 am-9:00 am
• Refreshments on the ride and on the hike
• 2 hour waterfall/elephant cave hike for each guest
• Protective Clothing (includes mandatory helmet, optional overalls & handkerchiefs for mud/dust, boots & protective pads)
• Start in Arusha or Karatu


Full-Day Ride & Hike, Arusha, Karatu & Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

This adventure-packed day includes a 3-hour quad bike ride, lunch at Gibbs Farm, and a 2+ hour hike within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area boundaries along elephant trails up to a picturesque waterfall and collapsed hillside which attracts animals nightly because of the salt and minerals in the soil and the nearby stream.  9:00 am-4:00 pm.  


Start time: 8:30 am 4WTZ Rec Centre
End time: 4:00-4:30 pm 4WTZ Rec Centre


Please Note

Logistical note for groups larger than 6:
We can accommodate 6 guests at a time on the quad bikes, thus when there are between 7-12 people, the entire group will complete a 1 hour training session at the 4 Wheeling Tanzania Recreation Centre from 8:30-9:30 am, then the group will split with half the group being transported by your driver & vehicle to the waterfall hike and half the group starting their 2 hour quad bike ride from the 4 Wheeling Tanzania Recreation Centre. Then, the group will meet for lunch at Gibbs Farm, switching activities for the afternoon. The afternoon hikers will need to be collected by your driver at the gate to the hike.



7 automatic transmission top quality American-manufactured quad bikes, accommodating 6 self-driving customers and one ride leader (no passengers). For groups larger than 6, please consider the FULL DAY RIDE & HIKE where the group is split and each person hikes for 2 hours and rides the quad bikes for 2 hours with group coming together for lunch at Gibbs Farm which is included in the price.


Quad Bike Rides

We offer many different options from Sunset rides to 2-hour rides and all-day rides with activities. The route and scenery of all rides is based on the season and road conditions. All rides start and end at 4 Wheeling Tanzania Rec Centre.


Minimum Age Requirement

The manufacturer of our vehicles has rated the vehicles for 16+ years. Our 1.5 acre children’s circuit, opening in Sept. 2016 is designed for kids 14-15 years of age driving our smaller vehicles on an off-road track.


Safety Equipment Offered 

Helmets are mandatory as required by Tanzanian law regardless of any conflict with religious headgear worn by riders. We offer overalls, hand, elbow and knee pads, rubber boots, and handkerchiefs to be worn at the customer’s preference. Customers may wish to bring a change of clothes, sunscreen and a pair of socks to wear with the boots.


AMREF Flying Doctors Tourist Scheme B

We strongly advise that your clients have an evacuation policy and a medical insurance policy before riding. We offer riders the AMREF/Flying Doctors Tourist Scheme B at $15. If they decline it we ask them to sign a statement acknowledging that fact.


Meal Options

With advance arrangements, for groups of 4 or more, Bumps Cafe Ltd offers wood-fired pizza or hot local dishes for lunch or dinner. For groups of 6 or more, a traditional Maasai BBQ is available after 5:00 pm. Lunch boxes are available. Please see our dining information packet for pricing. TIPS Should guests wish to tip the ride leader & staff, a tip box is provided.


Kids’ 1.5 Acre Circuit

Kids aged 14+ can enjoy riding ATVs on a private 1.5 acre circuit. Everyone will find something thrilling to try, riding through water or mud, driving over logs or climbing a
hill. Riders are guided through the course based on their growing skills and confidence. $35 per hour. Additional services are available as add-ons during the purchase process.


Kids’ Maasai Experience (2 hours)

Once kids aged 6-16 have “coached” mom and dad through the quad bike training and waved them off, a fun adventure of their own awaits.  They’ll enjoy discovering what it’s like to live like a traditional Maasai.  Each child gets a hand at supervised activities like throwing a spear or club, shooting a bow and arrow, painting their own Maasai shield and stringing beads.  Each child will go home with their own Maasai shuka, shield or jewelry and lots of stories to tell Includes kids meal and soft drink for lunch or dinner.  This is a great way to keep kids entertained while mom and dad are on a 1 or 2 hour ride.  $75 for the first child  $60 for each additional child for up to 2.5 hours.


Kids Free Activities

Children 6-16 can participate in a range of activities for 1-2 hours while their parents are on one of the 2-hour scheduled rides. We have a complimentary play area with the

IBES Playground (coming soon) Volleyball
Croquet Badminton
Kid’s playhouse Sand box
Vegetable & Fruit Garden Hammock



Once in Karatu, turn off the main road onto the Highview hotel/FAME road opposite the turn to Mbulu. Follow the “ATV RIDES” signs to the Recreation Centre. We are located between Umatu and Shalom Orphanage.


Additional Services

Additional services are available as add-ons during the purchase process.

Policy & Terms

Full-Day Ride & Hike, Arusha, Karatu & Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. 2 people minimum - 12 people maximum. CANCELLATIONS: STRICTLY NO CANCELLATIONS FOR WEATHER. Because rainfall can be very localized, many times on our rides, it is raining at the Recreation Centre but not 5 minutes away. We will postpone training sessions to wait out very heavy rain but then will proceed with rides of any duration. We provide overalls and rubber boots for riders and find that driving through mud and puddles only adds to the sense of adventure for guests. Once paid in full, bookings are nonrefundable within 30 days. Once paid in full, bookings cancelled more than 30 days before the ride date will be refunded in full less the 20% non-refundable deposit and associated bank fees. TERMS & CONDITIONS: We take the safety of our guests seriously, and reserve the right to refuse to accept any person on a trip should the person’s physical or mental health and condition, or general attitude and deportment impede the operation of the trip or the welfare, safety and enjoyment of others. No refunds shall be given in the event of no shows or where a person leaves a trip before its end, or if a trip ends before its due date or time. LATE ARRIVALS WILL REDUCE THE RIDE TIME OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WITHOUT REFUND. Each rider must sign a waiver. (Max 6 bikes + 3 passengers) $225/quad +$135 /adult passenger or $113/child passenger (12-16 years old). Organized by: 4Wheeling

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  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Training/Practice Session
  • Quad Biking Tour


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