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•  Duration: Full Day
•  Lunch
•  Transportation
•  Enjoy a day trip from Moshi to Kinukamori Waterfall, Ndoro Waterfall and Kilasia Waterfall in Marangu. These beautiful places are great for swimming or just relaxin.
•  Traditional Chugga house – many people still live in similar houses in rural villages.
•  Mt. Kilimanjaro Viewpoint: Depending on weather condition, on clear day you can get the gorgeous views of Mt.Kilimanjaro.
•  Coffee and Banana Farms: From the blessed presence of the fertile volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro majority of villagers are subsistence farmers, practicing cultivation on crops like coffee, banana, beans, yams, etc.
•  Experience local life: Enjoy a delicious, home – cooked meal in Chagga house. Learn how to cook Chagga food especially cooked plantain bananas “Machalari”.
•  Coffee tour: Have a cup of home-made coffee with our local people. Take a walk through Marangu coffee farms and visit a local home where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee in traditional way from beans to cup and then you will enjoy a delicious cup of Kilimanjaro coffee.
•  All local fees go to the social development in the village.
•  Our tour guides are friendly, professional, organized and certified. They all have adopted and realize tour guide code of conduct and morals. They possess a broad knowledge of the area, and therefore you will hear and learn a lot about the Chagga culture from them.


Marangu Waterfall Day Tour: Kinukamori Waterfall, Ndoro Waterfall and Kilasia Waterfall 

Kinukamori Waterfall is located in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. We will visit Kinukamori waterfalls in Marangu where you can walk down to the base of the waterfalls and swim or just relax.

Marangu:-best known as one of the most sought route to Kilimanjaro is a market town with a cool climate at its starting point. Marangu village is visited by all those who want to trek through this route to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The village is an ideal starting point with a number of opportunities for the travelers that include the hiking, bird watching and most importantly taking the sights of the Rural Africa where you can feel the real thrill of traditional Africa. If you are on a cultural tour, you would be excited watching to the traditional blacksmiths, visiting nearby caves, waterfalls, coffee plantation areas etc, and the experience of the life style of the local Chagga tribe would mesmerize you.

The word Marangu means a place with too many water streams.  There three main waters falls at Marangu.  The waterfalls are situated in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro 40 minutes’ drive from Moshi town.

Ndoro Waterfall

At the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro Ndoro water fall is one of the most popular and largest water fall in the area.Ndoro Waterfall is located in the beautiful country side surrounding Marangu. A one hour hike thru the lush landscapes of Chaga land will take you to the entrance hut of Ndoro, where you will be given a hiking stick to assist you to the base of the fall.

Simple steps, occasionally steep, with banisters consisting of thick tree branches have been edge into the hill and zigzag toward the bottom. The entrance area is well maintained and makes a great rest stop after having climbed back up.Hiking boots are recommended.

Kinukamori Waterfall

Kinukamori is located in Chagga land in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The crystal clear water that flows from the natural springs of the volcanic rocks makes it one of the best sights in the region to visit before trying for Kilimanjaro. It is a great place for swimming and relaxing. The refreshing breeze from the waterfall would fill your heart with greater peace which would last with you as an everlasting memory till you breathe last. It takes 20 minutes hike to Kinukamori from Marangu starting point. Along the way you will pass thru beautiful forest and we will be serving a picnic lunch before making our way back to Moshi or continue with other activities depending the program.

Chagga legend tells that a long time ago a young woman found herself pregnant outside of wedlock. She decided to kill herself by jumping from the top of the waterfall. After contemplating on the top she changed her mind. However, just as she was turning around to leave, a leopard approached her from behind. He jumped and pushed her down the fall into her death.

Kilasia Waterfall

A 30 or 40 minutes’ drive will take us to Marangu town, near the Marangu gate, from where we will start our hike.  We will be walking on a small path road thru beautiful forest, which will take us to Kilasia water fall. On the way you will see the inter cropping of bananas, coffee, beans and corn.

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Day Trip to Kinukamori Waterfall in Marangu. Marangu village cultural and coffee day tour. Organized by: Bujoto

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