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BGC Transport online booking made easy. Benjamin Chicomo & Filhos, Lda is an Angolan firm under private law, running by its managing partner Benjamim Gonga Elumbo Chicomo, based in Huambo province, Sao Jao area, Rua Teixeria de Sousa, with SIAC, having as its business objective public services of passenger road transport, with creative vehicle fleets and others, oriented towards the development of projects in the region of provision of different services. BGC Transporte online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

The cooperation of the collaborates has permitted the indisputable importance advance,  in order to transmit attractive results, thanks to the management and technical staff that permit us to know all the area matched to our activities, where for us obedience and discipline are indispensable for the growth of each worker.”

BGC Transport Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Routes & Fares FAQs

What is the routes covered by BGC Transportes buses service?

1st    Huanbo-Luanda    06: 30MNS    15H                    5,500.00
2nd    Huanbo-Luanda    17: 30MNS    02H                   5,500.00
3rd    Huambo-Luanda    18: 30MNS    04: 30MNS        5,500.00
4th    Huambo-Luanda    19: 30MNS    05: 30MNS        5,500.00
5th    Huambo-Luanda    20: 30MNS    06: 30MNS        5,500.0

1st    LUANDA-HUAMBO    17: 30MNS    03: 30MNS    5,500.00
2nd    LUANDA-HUAMBO    18: 30MNS   04: 30MNS    5,500.00
3rd    LUANDA-HUAMBO    19: 30MNS    05: 30MNS    5,500.00
4th    LUANDA-HUAMBO    20: 30MNS    06: 30MNS    5,500.00

What is the contact details of BGC Transportes buses service?

Benjamin Chicomo & Filhos, Lda

Viana- Ponte Partida;
Cazenga- Rua 11 de Novembro, Kikolo

BGC Transporte Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

Consolidate our attendance in the international and national market, in road passenger transport with the provision of standard services and make them near to our customer for their relaxation.

Reach all provinces, be one of the top firms in the international and nation markets, with diversified and excellent innovation.

Earn the relaxation and trust of customers, work with impartiality, transparency secrecy and open to advises.

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