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Cheap boat hire in Hurghada made easy. Board your North Africa charter in the favorite place of Hurghada, home to an international airport for simple arrival. Spend the day exploring the amazing seafront town before setting off for the island of Giftun El Saghir to anchor for the night. This uninhabited island is house to remarkable coral gardens and best beaches. If you want to spend more time exploring Hurghada with boat rental Hurghada, there are stunning opportunities to indulge in special experience such as camel-riding across Biblical plains, quad biking over the Sahara and definitely, exploring the underwater marvels of the Red Sea. Do cheap yacht charter Hurghada online and save time and money.

Boat Hire in Hurghada FAQs

Luxury yacht charter in the Red Sea

Whether it is a beautiful town of Hurghada, or the more peaceful waters surrounding Sharm-El-Sheikh the places found around the Red Sea and Egypt have something to please every type of visitor. Also home to a big range of iconic dive places, boat rentals Hurghada guests have the best chance to get out and acquainted with the rich marine life on offer.

Yacht charters in the Red Sea

The Egy and Red Sea is home to a big range of treasures, from natural wonders to the sun blessed sands of the bronzed desert plains. Bordered by crystal water and steeped with natural marvels, the place provides visitors a once in a lifetime holiday.

What is the excellent time for year to plan houseboat rental Hurghada trip?

Egypt has a desert climate with dry, warm days and chill evenings nearly year around. Rain is a rare event and layers are in order as the temp can change form hot to chill in little time spans. Only two seasons exist in Egypt: Summer from June to November, and Winter from end of November to May.  Powerful winds are likely from October to May but private boat hire in Hurghada is a choice in the nearly 365 days/year.

Sharm El Sheikh and private boat charter Hurghada

Shark El Shiek acts as a wonderful gateway to exploring some best inland sights in the mountains and desert. For diving enthusiasts, the Ras Muhammad Marine National Park is one of the top sites in Red Sea. Using Sharm El Sheikh as a base, the Southern Sinai area is a surprise to explore, boasting several beautiful island escapes.

For a luxury experience on the Red Sea, speed boat rental Hurghada is a best choice.

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