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Looking for cheap airline ticket from Johannesburg to Lusaka or last minute deals?

Search, compare and book cheap airline ticket from Johannesburg (JNB) to Lusaka (LUN) online now.

Book cheap flights from Johannesburg to Lusaka online and save money on airfare. Being the economical and financial center of Zambia, the capital and the biggest city as well with full of delight and charms. Visitors of all kinds of age travel to this lucrative, well structure and easy but remarkable place of Zambia. The top thing which this city can offer is the shopping experience as you can find so many shopping centers, markets, plazas, and department stores all around the city from where buyers can get everything of their choice. Cheapest flights Johannesburg to Lusaka can lead you to some popular and amazing places in Lusaka where you can enjoy a day’s excursion or a long tour in this remarkable city. Visit Lusaka through great offers on airline ticket from Johannesburg to Lusaka and fly Johannesburg to Lusaka flights cheap.

Here are some of the best attractions of Lusaka

Certain things to do like swimming, hiking trekking, and game fishing’s, shopping all those factors which are quite famous among these locals as well as international visitors and tourists. Some popular places to go through in this city include:

• Lumburma market

• Lusaka national museum

• Kabwata cultural village

• Zoological gardens and Munda Wanga Botanic

The climate is not warm or humid in this city and most of the passengers having their first Johannesburg to Lusaka cheap flight generally do not find any difficulty while traveling to some popular hotspots and recreational places like botanical gardens, family parks, food clubs and coffee shops etc.

Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Lusaka FAQs

How far is Lusaka from Johannesburg?

The distance from Johannesburg to Lusaka flights cheap is 1200 kilometers.

How long is the Johannesburg to Lusaka flight?

The average Johannesburg to Lusaka flight time is an hour and 58 minutes.

How common are direct Johannesburg to Lusaka flights?

There are 31 Johannesburg to Lusaka direct flights.

What are the most famous Johannesburg airlines for direct airline ticket from Johannesburg to Lusaka?

South African airways offers 83 percent of the non-stop flights between Lusaka and Johannesburg.

How many Lusaka flights from Johannesburg on average per day?

Sixteen flight departures from Johannesburg to Lusaka per day on average.

Early morning – thirteen percent of flight departures

Morning – thirty-eight percent of flight departures

Afternoon  – forty-four percent of flight departures

Evening – six percent of flight departures

What are the stopover choices between Lusaka and Johannesburg?

For airline ticket from Johannesburg to Lusaka, there are many locations where visitors may stop down. These contain Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Ndola Airport, LivingStone Airport, and Harare Airport. Some flights stop in 2 airports before reaching Lusaka. Some stop in Solewezi Airport and Ndola Airport, others might pass through Kigali Airport and Harare Airport.

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