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Book cheap flights to Libya online and save money on airfare. The country of Libya is placed on the Northern side of continent of Africa, it is bordered by Chad, Egypt, Niger and Sudan. With an area of nearly 700,00 square miles the country is the 17th biggest in the world. Almost 90 percent of the country is covered in desert most of the country has a desert-like climate with the exception of northern areas which enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Libya through great offers on Libya flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the attractions of Libya


The City of Tripoli is the largest city of Libya, it is also country’s capital. The city is placed in the northwestern area of Libya on the edge of the great Libyan desert. The city is the center of trading and producing activities of the country and is Libya main seaport. The city has many top class hotels for visitors.

Jamhahiriya Museum

The Jamhahiriya Museum is Libya’s national exhibition hall. Its forty-seven galleries are home to different curious of Libya verifiable past incorporating those from Greek and Roman time of the nation’s history, fortunes recuperated from their World Heritage places and the memorabilia of their late political past.

Assaraya al-Hamra

This location is otherwise known the Red Castle. It has a broad yard where different statues and wellsprings starting from the Ottoman period. The royal residence reflects the nation’s top verifiable past as indicated in their design style of structures.


The town of Dirj in Libya is a location for traditional Libyan culture. This pretty town reflects traditional Libyan culture way more rightly than many other old towns in Libya. It is considered as a pretty paradise right in the heart of the unforgiving desert. Within the Dirj town, there is an abandoned old village of old Dirj. Traditionally built homes that were constructed many years ago can be found in this village.

Cyrene and Apollonia

Founded as a Greek colony in the seventh century BC, Cyrene soon became one of the wealthiest and most vital cities in the Hellenic world before coming under Ptolemaic and then Roman control. One of the most amazing and varied complex of ruins anywhere, Cyrene highlights contain the Temples of Apollo and Zeus, the Agora and the Acropolis, as well as its gymnasium, baths and theatre.

Cheap flights to Libya FAQs

Which airlines operating cheap airline ticket to Libya?

The most likely landing point would be Tripoli International Airport. Airlines serving this par of the globe are: Libyan Airlines, Egypt Airlines, Buraq Air, Afriquiyah Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, Tunisair, Syphax Airlines, and  Royal Jordanian.

What are the flight destination choices in Libya?

Overall, the Libya flights connectivity is huge. The main 2 international airport operating in the country are in Tripoli; Tripoli international Airport barely catering about a 100 flights each well as worldwide, while Mitiga Airport catering for about forty flights. Benghazi is also international airport with about seven international flights every week. Another Libyan place accessible internationally is Toburk, with little local and non-regular services are in Misrata, Sabra, Ghadame, and Sirte.

When to fly to Libya?

Libya has a subtropical climate, with warm summers and wet winters. The best flights to Libya time is from December until May, when the temperature is lot chiller and you can truly out and enjoy your time in the country. It rains a bit in the winter. You could be lucky and visit a dry week, or you could unlucky and experience a few rainstorms. Forever keep an eye on the weather forecast, and book your cheap airline ticket to Libya direct to enjoy. June to October is perfect for exploring the coastal areas when the weather is hot, and relaxing by beachside is all you need.

Along the Mediterranean coast is where you will find right summery conditions during the  months between June and October. Chill, relaxing sea breezes are set off against temperatures that average approximately 27C. if that is not hot enough for you, then in the month of April, you will find a warm wind known as Ghibli. This wind has been known to bring extreme temperatures that can generally hit the 40C mark.

The desert areas of Libya are famous to be some of the most extreme in the planet, and it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 45C during the day and 0 C in the evenings. If you love desert areas book your flight cheap flights to Libya. No doubt, you will get the Libya flight deals on this big desert part of the country. These regions should be explored with a guide, and lots of fresh water on hand. The few international hotel chains which are present in the country, provide Libya flights and hotel discounts with desert tour.

How to manage getting around Libya

The main means backing travel across the country are the motorways linking among the cities, with bus firms operating the routes for public transport travel. Among the cities and towns, the culture of shared taxis and minibuses are extensive. Certain cities and towns have dedicated ferry services for their visitors.

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