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Book cheap flights to Zambia online and save money on airfare. Zambia is generally regarded as one of the most charming, diverse, friendly and unspoit countries on the full African continent. Aside from the impressive Victoria Falls, Zambia has more natural water resources than any other southern African country, popular Zambezi River also is the famous visitor place where you can enjoy fish hunting and diving. Here are the best attractions in Zambia that promise that remarkable safari experience that Africa is popular for. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Zambia through great offers on Zambia flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Zambia

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, also called as Mosi-oa-Tunya by Zambians, is placed on Zambezi River, at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. This wonderful waterfall is the biggest in the world, and it is on the fourth biggest river in Africa. Amazing things to do in Victoria falls are fishing tours, bungee jumping, elephant back safaris and walking excursions.

Lake Kariba

When you visit Zambia must visit Lake Kariba, which is the biggest artificial lake in the planet. It is placed on the Zimbabwean border, in the southern province. Take a boat ride and discover Lake Kariba Dam, and eat their tasty local crayfish.

South Luangwa National Park

This park is one of the most popular national parks in Zambia. It is a remarkable wildlife sanctuary as many animals combine around Luangwa River and on its oxbow lagoons. This park is house to a big range of wildlife, plant and bird species.

Kafue National Park

Explore famous park which is the biggest park in Zambia, and second biggest in Africa. This national park is home to animals like the lions, blue wildebeest, leopard, elephant and the cheetah among others.

Munda Wanga Environment Park

This park is a wildlife sanctuary with a recreational village. Some animals view in the parks are jackals, lions, warthogs, cheetahs, and baboons. You can also host a picnic in any of Munda Wanga Environment park.

Sindabezi Island

While most people go to Livingstone to view the Victoria Falls, the little private island of Sindabezi is also value a trip. Enjoy views of the Zambezi floodplains and the close by Mosi O Tunya National Park, and have meals on raised floating platform in the center of the river.

Cheap flights to Zambia FAQs

Best time to fly to Zambia

Peak season
Most visitors book cheap flights to Zambia between May and December, when the warm dry climates makes for best day trips, and the post-rain situations provide wildlife with the best seating.

Off-peak season
Although the amount of visitors drop in the rainy season (December to March), it is also a remarkable time to find Zambia flights and hotel deals. Some national parks are closed, and animals are more hard to spot, but if you are looking for a trip of solitude and peace, then this is the season to travel to Zambia.

Which day is cheap to fly to Zambia?

The affordable day to fly to Zambia is generally Tuesday. At the moment, Saturday is the most costly.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Zambia?

The price you pay for your cheap airline ticket to Zambia may vary depending on when you book. For the top chance for a lower fare, look to book 45 days in advance of your trip. Zambia tickets price are likely to rise a fortnight or so before your departure date.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

To get the top value, try booking a flight in the afternoon when visiting Zambia. Generally the prices will rise for Zambia flights at midday as these tend to have a top demand.

Airlines that operate Zambia flights

• Air France
• Emirates
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Ethical Airways
• Kenya Airways
• South African Airways
• Egypt Air

What is cheap time of year to fly to Zambia

Zambia experiences a full subtropical, temperature environment with micro-climates overlapping one another all through its geography and beyond.
Perhaps the best flights to Zambia time as a safari-lover would be at any time between early May and end of September, partly because it is dry season but mainly because that is actually the season that supports African wildlife the best.

The dry spell is a welcome change for natives as well as visitors hailing from moist coastal or monsoon regions.  Summer ranges for wildlife, the South Luangwa National Park  for example, is pretty warm during this period but again the temperature is perfect for safaris.

During these times the monsoons season of Zambia give new life to its atmosphere and area. Even though nature is enjoying this watery treat, ordinary visitors remain at a distance from Zambia during this time. The opportunist visitors, anyway, can use this time frame and take a trip to Zambia economically, welcomed by empty rooms at hotels that are keen to accept new guests.


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