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Book cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town online with for the best deals. Cape Town is the oldest and most wonderful city in South Africa.  The location encompasses a varied blend of different architectural styles that are evocative of its glorious past. Cape town attractions and Johannesburg to cape town are wide and varied. Famous among these contain Cape Helderberg, Blaawberg, Namaqualand Flower Route and many more. Visit Cape Town through great offers on airline ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town and fly Johannesburg to Cape Town flights cheap.

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This area is one of the quickest growing areas in Cape Town, and encompasses forty-eight kilometers of pristine white beaches that provides views of Devils peak, Lions Head and Table Mountain. It is also famous for Robben Islands, the location where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners spend a big part of other prison sentence.

Cape Helderberg

The location is famous for its study white beaches and the view provided by the wonderful Hottentots Holland and the Helderberg mountain range. The location is also home to Gordons Bay – a beach that is famous among the locals, who come here for surfing, sunbathing and swimming.

Namaqualand Flower Route

Every year from July to September, more than five-thousand species of wild flowers bloom to form an explosion that change the landscape of this arid place. The Flower Route stretches from Garies in the south to the Orange River in the north, and contains the towns of Pofadder in the east.

Table Mountain

The remarkable 360 views from the top of this 3563 ft mountain plateau, ocean, national park and Robben Island, is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest wonders. A car vehicle will take you there in just five minutes or you can spend several hours taking one of the wonderful hiking trails.

Robben Island

Just over five miles offshore from Cape Town the Island was known as World Heritage place in 1999, and over the  years has been used as a hospital, a prison, a mental institution, and a military base. It is most popular for being a political prison during apartheid. Nelson Mandela spend eighteen years of the twenty-seven years he was imprisoned on Robben Island.

Signal Hill

5 minutes drive west of the city center, Signal Hill provides remarkable views over Cape Town, Table Bay and the impressive Atlantic Ocean from its 350-meter summit. The hills makes the body of the adjacent Lions Head peak and was named for its historical use when signal flags were flown from here to deliver message to approaching ships.

Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town FAQs

What is the distance time for Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Jonesburg to Cape Town flights take approximately two hours ten minutes, which is just sufficient time to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Which airlines offer airline ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

British Airways and South African Airways are just 2 famous airlines that operate on this route. Budget carries like Mango and Safari Airlines also provide cheap airline ticket from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Which airports serve Johannesburg and Cape Town?

The 2 main airport son this route are Tambo International Airport and Cape Town International Airport.

How long does the direct Johannesburg to Cape Town flights take?

A typical direct flight can take approximately three hours, covering about 792 kilometers.

How common are flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg?

There are more than forty Johannesburg to Cape Town flights cheap running every day – this is truly famous route.

How many flights departs from Johannesburg to Cape Town on average per day?

On average 283 cape town flights from Johannesburg depart.

• Early morning – five percent of flight departures

• Morning – thirty-five percent of flight departures

• Afternoon – thirty-nine percent of flight departures

• Evening – twenty-two percent of flight departures

What is the cheap day of the week to fly Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Saturday is the cheap day to fly on average and Friday is the most costly. Flying from Cape Town back to Johannesburg, the top deals are generally found on Tuesday, with Friday being the most costly.

What airlines offer the Johannesburg to Cape Town flights?

Prices of the cheap airlines between Cape Town and Johannesburg are Kulula ($85), British Airways ($85), and FlySafair ($97).

What is the excellent time to fly to Cape Town?

Skip the crowds, get more availability and enjoy a stunning balance of great hotel deals and wonderful weather by visiting Cape Town during the autumn season (March – June). The temperature generally begin to drop from the intense heat of the summer (December – January), and so do the influx of visitors and the cost of accommodation. During Autumn, you will obtain the best conditions of hiking the various mountains and forest  trails that surround the city. While the winters (June – September bring wet and chill weather, ensure you visit during July, when the whale-watching season starts.


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