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Victoria Falls Vacation Packages

Victoria Falls has everything that amazes you and your fellow travelers. The Victoria Falls is not just the usual Falls. The Falls are 1.7 kilometers wide, and each viewpoint presents fantastic experiences for all the visitors. The Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Victoria Falls is visitable all-year round. Although the fact that the water level is so low in October and November, it is a great chance to see the different face of the falls. To enjoy Victoria Falls tour packages, two or three days might be plenty. But you might be missing many exciting activities. If you bring your family and friends to the upcoming trip, you will want to find the best events that suit all ages, budgets and the types of travelers.

The Victoria Falls holiday packages offer you the most astonishing falls in the world. Stretching for more than a mile, the Victoria Falls vacation packages are definitely the spectacle you don’t want to miss to enjoy with your family and friends. Here are the best ways to enjoy your time in Victoria Falls.

Top Tourist Attractions & Activities in Victoria Falls tour Packages

Swimming in the Devil’s Pool

One of the best ways to enjoy holiday packages in Victoria Falls is by visiting Devil’s pool. It is a natural rock pool located in the lip of Victoria Falls. The best time to visit it is during the dry season. Contrary to its terrifying name, the dry season gives the visitors the shallow pool that is safe enough to swim. Some folks are even able to stare over the edge of the abyss down below. Of course, you can do it with the supervision of the local guide since it is dangerous to do that. Devil’s pool is the closest distance you can reach to Victoria Falls. So, don’t overlook to add this into your agenda.

Reaching the Devil pool is only viable through the Zambian side of the Zambezi river access. The easiest way to get this is by joining with Victoria Falls tour packages from a trustworthy travel agent to allow you to try the experience. When you are in, you will feel the warm water and the view is fantastic. Swimming at the Devil’s Pool is only visible during the dry season. So, make sure you book holiday packages in Victoria Falls for the right time.

It is the other way to enjoy the Victoria Falls holiday packages. Besides the Devil’s Pool, you can also get near to Victoria Falls through Angels’ Armchair. The surrounding area also offers tons of ways to spend your time nearby Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls Bridge is another way to enjoy Victoria Falls. If you love extreme sports, you could try bungee jumps, zip lining, gorge swinging, as well as white water rafting. If you are cool and just want to enjoy Victoria Falls from the safest place, so be it. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take all of the breath-taking views of the Falls.

Enjoying the views of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is like heaven. You can enjoy it from different angles. For instance, you could include Victoria Falls holiday packages with the flights over. Or perhaps, you’d like to add a birds-eye view of the falls in your Victoria Falls tour packages. If you are a nature lover, you’d probably like to add Victoria Falls safari tours in your agenda as well.

You can also have a lot of options with a microlight flight. If you are looking for holiday packages in Victoria Falls, experts would suggest you see the best views of Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island on the Zambian side.

The other way to enjoy Victoria Falls view is by joining the sunset cruises. There’s such thing with the spectacular sunset plus the views and delicacies made by the top rated chef. The cruises can be organized in Victoria Falls tours around the town in Victoria Falls or Livingstone.

Adrenaline & adventure

Victoria Falls is full of challenging activities. If you are an avid adventurer, you will surely want to include the outdoors in your agenda.

White water rafting

White water rafting happens in the Full Morning. Involve everyone on the raft to make great memories with them.


Zambezi River is the spot where you will do the river boarding. The excellent location of the river will challenge you and your group to use the surfing skills and raft the rest of the way. The river boarding can also follow with the white water rafting.

Bridge swing

Bridge swing over the breath-taking Zambezi River will be one of the best things to do in Victoria Falls. Be a fantastic human pendulum for an eighty-meter freefall.

Gorge swing tandem or single

If you have ever tried the conventional child’s swing before, imagine something like this in giant size. The swing involves 95 m long and 120 m high above the water.

Bridge slide

The bridge slide conducts 300 meters over the Zambezi River in the Batoka Gorge. Then the slide will get you to the Victoria Falls Bridge. You can take a short walk under the bridge as well.


The zip line is available for single or tandem. Its track is 120 m above the Batoka Gorge, spanning 425 m. The zip line ride is not for faint-hearted folks because of the extreme trip.

Flying fox

Flying fox seems to be universal. But not in Victoria Falls. You will have a perfect picture of Zambezi turmoil when looking down. It is an excellent warmup before Zip Line and Gorge Swing.

Canopy tour

The Canopy Victoria Falls holiday package is a perfect choice for eco-adventurers. It offers various fantastic activities like the network of slides, trails, rope bridge walkways, and so on.

Bungee jump

Feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Zambezi River below. With it, you can see the clear floods to the Batoka Gorge.

Devils swim

Devils swim is the activity of swimming in the devil pools. It is only available in the side of Zambia Victoria Falls. Located at the edge of Victoria Falls, your trip will be a lot different from there.


Skydiving can be single or tandem experience. You might be fascinated by the scenic view from the helicopter ride. With skydiving, it is ten times more challenging.

Wildlife and safari

Victoria Falls also present the wildlife and African safari in the Zambian side of the falls and river bank. There is the Mosi-oa-Tunya National park wherein you could witness the perfect African safari that consists of top species.

Upper Zambezi canoeing

Feel the different experience from the upper Zambezi river. It happens to be above the Victoria Falls. It offers half or full day canoe trails.

Overnight canoe safaris

Victoria Falls also provide the camping experience. The most popular camping activity is Kalai River Camp, which is around twenty-five kilometers upstream from Victoria Falls. You can enjoy this activity from Zambezi National Park.

Siduli hide

Siduli Hide is on the edge of a waterhole. Siduli Hide is a great place to observe the wildlife in Victoria Falls with up-close and personal way. Consider bringing your action cam to record everything there.

Game drive

The game drive viewing can be available in all-day. But the best time is the night drive. If you’re lucky, you can see the leopard and other magnificent creatures.

Night drive and dinner

The night drive is not complete without lunch. The 3500 hectares of safaris offer you various atmosphere for a special meal with your family and friends. Try the fantastic bush dinner on the Victoria Falls private game reserve.

Elephant encounter

The Elephant, is a majestic creature. Feel it’s warm and gentleness from up close. You will have the experience to interact with the elephant.

Elephant back safari

Have the rare experience in encountering the world’s largest land mammal. The African Elephant will make your head turn and eyes stunned.

Walk with lions

Walk with beasts and share the great moments with your fellows. It is one of the highlights to Victoria Falls holiday packages. Walking with lions will give you new insights about the beasts’ life and traits.

Chobe day trip

Chobe day trip is usually full-day tour. It takes you, and your group on a journey on Chobe River and the game drive in its National Park. Folks flock Chobe for enjoying the view of elephant and lion populations.

Zambezi fishing

Whether you are an avid fisher or occasional, you will experience the great things around Victoria Falls.

Canopy tour

Enjoy the Zambezi horse trails to track fantastic wildlife including buffalo, elephant, and others. Ride beside the Zambezi river. If you’re lucky, you will encounter a horde of kudu or impala.

Walking safaris

Do you prefer to enjoy the safaris on foot? Not wrong at all. Walking safaris in the Zambezi National Park will give you different views of wildlife from the 57,000 wilderness area.

Scenic tours

The Victoria Falls tour packages offer various beautiful panoramas and views which can be granted by many things. The cruise tour is one of the best ways to enjoy the cute stuff.

Tour of Victoria Falls

The day will start with ample breakfast and depart in the mid-morning. The guided tour of the falls is on foot. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent falls from your point of view. That includes the stroll around the Zambezi National Park.

Helicopter flight

A.K.A. “Flight of Angels,” the helicopter flight will give you another way to enjoy Victoria Falls from above. You and your friends will have a broader and broader sight of the fantastic place.

Microlight flight

If you are not up to the noisy sounds from a helicopter, Microlight flight can make a great option for you. It offers you the chance to enjoy jaw-dropping views of Victoria Falls from above without distraction.

Sunset cruise

Have the wonderful experience when enjoying the upper Zambezi River through the luxury cruise. The environment and wildlife sightings along the river are marvelous.

Sunset cruise jetboat

How about the boat cruise and enjoy the sunset as the core of the recreation? Combined with the breath-taking Victoria Falls, your sunset experience would never be the same anymore.

Sunset and dinner cruise

The Sunset cruise with dinner is a great choice to impress your significant one. This activity is also prevalent for family and group.

Zambezi explorer sunset cruise

For all Victoria Falls visitors, the Zambezi explorer sunset cruise is too famous for missing. It tags you from the morning breakfast cruises to the sunset cruises.

Ra Ikane cruise

Ra Ikane cruise is one of the best journeys you must try in Victoria boasts fantastic facilities and experience.

Historical bridge tour

By the tram, it will stop right in the middle of Victoria Falls Bridge. It is a fun tour with a comprehensive guide to the history of the bridge.

Steam train trips

Your travel group will experience the colonial ambiance of the steam train trips.

Tram trip

The fun tram trip offers you the incredible historical sights and local access with ample amount of exciting things. The locals provide you the mouth-watering food and beverages.

Livingstone island Victoria Falls holidays

It is popular because of its Devil’s Pool, the best spot to view the Victoria Falls.

Crocodile farm

The place boasts the various species of crocodiles. You can also visit the full leather workshop which offers ample goods on site.

Lunar rainbow tour

It is an event that you can enjoy at the full moon. Folks call it as “moonbows,” the rainbows that take place at night.

Bike tour

See the sights of Victoria Falls differently. Instead of strolling around, have an excellent bike tour with your group.


Victoria Falls is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Both locals of Zambia and Zimbabwe have been rooting for the tourism on both sites of the river.

Boma dinner

Boma Dinner is an up-close experience to the Zimbabwean cuisine tradition, spirited performance, and storytelling.

Traditional village tour

Feel the joyness in the original village experience which is nearby the Victoria Falls. It will allow you and your group to witness the village life there.

Art of Africa

It is a group of young talents in Victoria Falls who gather to form an art community. Its sole purpose is to promote African art to the world. You could take part in the city, and even grab some decorative items from them.

Birding safari

If you are fond of bird watching, you can also conduct it in Victoria Falls. The area boasts the number of diverse habitats in and around the town of Victoria Falls. There are over 400 bird species that you can take a chance to look.

Photographic safari

Capture every wildlife moments in the Victoria Falls and share them with your friends and fellow photographers. Victoria Falls offers you breath-taking wildlife from Zambezi river and its national park.

Victoria Falls photographic tour

The photographic Victoria Falls vacation packages allows you to enjoy the Vic falls from many different points of view. Make sure to bring more memory cards to stock more photos and videos from the area.

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