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Cheap boat hire in Mauritius made easy. Mauritius is an island placed in the heart of the Mascareignes archipelago, with Reunion to the west and Rodrigues island to the east, and is surrounded by a lagoons and coral reef. Actually volcanic Mauritius no longer has any active volcanoes but some of the craters are still able to be seen.

With your boat rentals Mauritius, begin your itinerary with Port Saint-Louis,  then set out to discover flat island, Gabriel Island, Stag Island and Amber island. The top time for sailing in Mauritius is between May and September. In general, the climate is tropical with a water temperature between 23 and 29 all year.

Boat Hire in Mauritius FAQs

Private boat charter Mauritius and attractions

Mauritius attractions provide a big range of yacht charters on various kinds of cruising vessels to take you for memorable sailing trips to one of the little islands surrounding Mauritius main island.

For a peaceful day at sea, we advise the private yacht charter Mauritius on an exclusive basis.

The party boat rental in Mauritius include the services of crew, drinks, food and more.

With Mauritius attractions, one of the greatest benefits of houseboat rental Mauritius is the continue contact with the sea, the continue access to an aquatic playground of limitless possibilities. Whether it  be diving or snorkeling in the spectacular world below the water, or amazing water sports and beaches pursuits in the sun above, boats to rent Mauritius makes for the best platform for holidays in Mauritius.

How much does it cost to rent a boat or Yacht, Mauritius for a day?

Are you looking for the excellent deal for a private boat hire Mauritius? A day rental in Mauritius is the best if you plan for a city sightseeing tour from the water, a sunset cruise or an active thrill fun day to spend outdoors with friends or friends, houseboats for rent Mauritius prices starting at $250.

Exotic sailing holidays in Mauritius you will never forget

Mauritius is a tropical pearl placed in the hot turquoise water of the Indian Ocean and sailing via the coast of this paradise island is a wonderful experience.

The yacht men all over the planet come to spend their fishing boat rental Mauritius holidays and enjoy the crystal clear water, charming sandy beaches, tropical plant, indigenous marine creatures and unimaginable beauty and company of friendly and cordial Mauritian locals.

The island is ringed by coral reef which makes it fabulous for water sports and snorkeling. Mauritius provides a big range of sailing activities on different types of cruising vessels to take you for a memorable sailing trips to one of the 100 little islands surrounding Mauritius key island.

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