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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Find answers to the most frequent questions and an overview of the individual subject areas.

Holiday Packages

Do I have a confirmed booking?
After each effective transaction through us, an confirmation email will be created and sent to your email address. On the off chance that you don't get the confirmation inside of the stipulated time, you may check the ""junk"" or ""spam"" envelope to check it has not been sent to the wrong organizer and planner. In the event that it’s still not discovered, then you can contact our customer care for further help.
Are the fees included in the tour packages prices?
Prices listed on our website by suppliers are inclusive of any applicable sales tax.
Do holiday package and tour prices include airfare?
No, the airfare is not included.

Bus Booking

What are the benefits of bus booking via
Book your bus tickets from any place anytime using any device and pick your seat. Pay with credit/debit cards, bank transfers, M-pesa and mobile money. Get your email, SMS, or printable ticket. Show SMS, email, or printed ticket on your travel date.
Does online booking cost more?
No, booking online on is at no charge, the same as over the counter.
How do I alter or cancel ticket details?
This can be performed at the respective bus firm office.
How do I get replace or resend a lost ticket?
In case of loss or no verification message received kindly contact our customer care on WhatsApp for help.
Where do I print/get a ticket?
Tickets are printed from the bus station office after presentation of the verification SMS.
What if I have booked multiple seats, but just one name emerges on the verification SMS?
Kindly check if the seats number captured in the ticket SMS matches the tickets paid for.
How many tickets can I book?
Each customer is permitted to book tickets for a highest of up to five seats.
What happens if I do not get any M-Pesa popup prompting the payment?
If an M-pesa pop up does not emerge on your phone a text message follows soon with the details on how to make payments through paybill. Further, for the M-Pesa pop up to emerge a client should update their M-Pesa menu.
How long does a payment time out take?
It will take less than four minutes to make payments. If a customer takes longer than four minutes, they will have to begin the booking once again to get another valid account number to be capable to make payments.
How to book for destination and departure
For booking, we begin with the departure town then place down. There are many pages showing the towns.
How do I pick the seat by arrangements?
eat arrangements depends on the bus firm but far left and far right are window seats.
Why buy a ticket from helps you find the best bus for you. Match buses, prices, times on 100s of routes anytime, anywhere, easily.
Do I need to register to buy tickets on
You do not need to register, but it is excellent if you do because you are capable to view your purchased tickets and make booking quicker.
Will there be extra charges if buy my ticket via is a free service. You will get the right same price on as you will get directly with the bus operators. On you obtain the same prices and you can match across bus operators anytime, anywhere, easily.
How do I get my bus ticket? will send your ticket to your email or SMS.
What are the payment choices?
We accept dozens of payment techniques across Africa including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile Money.
What is the process of cancellation of tickets?
Ticket cancellation is based on the discretion and privacy of bus operators. Please check the process set by the bus operator.
Can I obtain a refund if I miss my bus ride?
Hundred percent refund will be offered if the bus ride is missed due to error by If a missed bus ride is by the reason other than directly matched to, no refund will be offered.
What if I have booked multiple seats, but just one name emerges on the verification SMS?
Kindly check if the seats number captured in the ticket SMS matches the tickets paid for.
What if I have booked multiple seats, but just one name emerges on the verification SMS?
Kindly check if the seats number captured in the ticket SMS matches the tickets paid for.
Payment of the fare
Once you have picked a service, or where applicable, or seat have accepted our terms and conditions of use, you will be needed to pay the indicated fare. You must pay this fare to book your service or seat successfully. The company will not any complaints about tickets where you place a booking for a ticket but neglect or fail to pay the fare necessary to complete the booking process. The company may change its own discretion from time to time, without informing you revise the fares it changes for the service or ticket. You agree and acknowledge that where a request for the payment of the fare is denied or returned for whatever reason, by your financial institutions or is unpaid by you for any reason, then you are legally responsible for any costs, including banking charges and fees, linked with the fare. may changes its own discretion from time to time, offer several payment gateways to permit you pay the fare necessary to book your ticket or access the services we provide. will send you SMS ticket verification or an email after you have successfully paid for the ticket. In some cases, you may make payment via your favorred payment gateway e.g. Safaricom MPesa services, but due to technical issues, the payment gateway that you have used fails to send payment instructions to You should forever contact in case you have paid for ticket, received email verification or SMS from the payment gateway but you have not received ticket verification from the company. Please contact via email or telephone number, if you have not got your SMS or email ticket verification after successful payment
Refunds and cancellation
We will not refund you for any tickets lost, or journey you miss. It is your liability alone to make sure your ticket is safe and secure and that you make to the terminus in time for your journey. You may contact your transport provider to replace ticket details, cancel ticket or request for any alteration. is not liable for any alterations that you have made after buying the ticket from platform. We will refund you within 14 working days, after contacting the company, if it turns out the seat you booked was already allocated to another passenger at the time you reserved it. We will not pay any penalty or interest over and above the fare were fund.


What methods of payment do you accept?
On there are a number of payment methods which you can choose from.
Is my credit card information secure?
Absolutely. We use the latest in secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology to make sure your credit card information is secure. Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission. We will not retain information relating to your payment or credit card. This financial information never comes into our control. The information is given into a page which is in reality a page of our payment service provider. Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.


Do I Need Travel Insurance?
Unless we state generally, getting adequate protection scope is your commitment and we won't acknowledge any cases that may arise. Whether you're adventuring abroad or taking a trip to a neighboring province, travel insurance protects you and your loved ones: accidents, illness, missed flights, canceled tours, lost baggage, theft, emergency evacuation, etc.

My Account

How do I register?
Please choose the menu item "My Account" and then click "Sign Up" on the home page in order to get to the registration form. Then you'll have to fill in the form. As soon as you have completed the form you can click on "Sign Up" and you will receive a conTiketi.comation mail to verify your registration.
Are there any registration fees?
We don't charge any expense for scanning and booking services on the Marketplace. User can make free membership accounts on the Marketplace.
Can I update my personal information?
Yes, you can update your personal information at any time. You have to be logged in and then you can click on the menu item "My Profile". Afterwards you can update your information by filling in the forms.
How can I change my password?
After the login, you have to choose the menu item "My Profile". On the second half of the page, you can change your email when you fill in the fields "Email Address", as well as you can change your password when you fill in the fields "Password".
I forgot my username/password. What can I do?
Please choose the menu item "Login" on the front page" and click on "Forgot Password". Please fill in your email address. You will receive a verification mail to your e-mail address.
Who can view my account?
We set a high value on privacy. We will not transfer any of your personal information to third parties. Consequently, it is only you who can view your personal information that you have submitted. You are committed to keep your password confidential, hence to avoid an unauthorized access by a third party. If you do not keep your password and your username in confidence, a third party can easily change, copy, or delete your personal information. If you believe your password has been compromised, we recommend that you immediately change your password and inform us. Your account is non-transferable. We have the right to disable your account, if there is suspicion of misuse of an account or a password.

Technical Support

Do you offer technical support?
Please check the FAQs first. If there is no answer to your question in the FAQs, you can write an e-mail to support @ We will take charge of the problem immediately.
In case the information provided by is not accurate then what is the line of action I can resort to?
We aim to provide you with details and information about the best deals at the lowest cost. Hence, in case you find that the information we provide is not accurate, you can always get in touch with us on our contact page. We will surely resolve the issue and maintain the accuracy.


How can I give my feedback for
Your feedback is very important for us and we will surely implement your suggestions and enhance our services. In case you want to get in touch with us, then give us the detailed information regarding the search, the dates of travel and the places you intend to visit. You should also include the name of the company to which you were directed by us. This information will help us in resolving any queries which may arise and we will take the necessary action if needed.
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