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Cheap boat hire in Mombasa made easy. The island of Mombasa is placed on Kenya coast and is separated from mainland Kenya by Kilindini Harbour and Tudor Creek. There are multiple ways in which you can reach the mainland, including by crossing the Nyali Bridge or taking the Likoni boat hire Mombasa. The city of Mombasa is placed on the island and the city is the second biggest city in Kenya after the capital, Nairobi. The island of Mombasa is famous for its tropical gardens, coconut trees, white beaches, blue skies, and the hot waters of the Indian ocean which surround it. It is an amazing location in which to spend a few days and mainly if you are relaxing on the coast as there are a number of activities which you can get involved in. Do cheap yacht charter Mombasa online and save time and money.

Boat Hire in Mombasa Attractions

Cruise in a “moving aquarium”

Across the north coast of the Mombasa island, you will view a big range of boat rentals Mombasa anchored in the sea and many of these little boat in rental Mombasa have partial glass bottoms so that you can view the tropical fish and the coral. These s private boat rental in Mombasa conduct tours that change in respect to their timeframe and cost the price is generally negotiated on the beach itself. Anyway, if you are staying in a hotel that is offering the partial glass bottomless boat experience, then I would advise that you book private boat charter Mombasa through your hotel. This is because you would have more accuracy to the standard and price of your experience.

Nevertheless, please note that whether you book via a hotel or a beach vendor, you will have to pay two fees. The primary fee is a marine park fee which is owned to the Kenya wildlife service which uses the money to save the plants, sea animals and coral reef. The second fee is the experience/service fee which is owned to the capital and his crew of the partial glass bottomless speed boat rental Mombasa experience.
Traveling in the partial glass bottomless party boat rental in Mombasa is an incredible experience and it will feel like you are in an aquarium. The duration of this experience is between two and four hours and may contain a visit to Reef island.

Explore the little but exquisite Reef island

From the north coast of Mombasa island, there is a little island known as Reef island which can be reached by taking a partial glass bottomless sailing boat rental Mombasa. If you want to make a shape of a starfish in the sand with your body or want to experience clear blue waters, then this is the location to do it.

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