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Book a taxi in Nairobi online made easy. Nairobi Airport also famous as Jomo Keyatta International airport is the big international airport for Nairobi and the busiest in Kenya. From here, you will use the little local roads to reach your hotel. Here are the advantages of using a taxi app in Nairobi on your Smartphone and how to you can book best taxi services in Nairobi online:

Taxi App in Nairobi Routes & Fares FAQs

What is the taxi prices in Nairobi from Jomo Kenyatta airport to city centre?

Safe best taxi services in Nairobi Airport drivers do not provide a set rate fee for the twenty minute journey into the city center, nor do they run using a taximeter. Instead, you will need to negotiate and agree on a fix price with the local drivers at the airport before you start your journey. Having said that, taxi prices in Nairobi price is approximately $30. Bear in mind that these taxi prices in Nairobi may change depending on the time of day, number of people, the vehicle type, at the drivers discretion.

What is the quickest way to get from Nairobi airport to Mombasa Road?

The fastest way to get from taxi Nairobi to Mombasa road by taxi which costs $27 – $30 and takes 12 mint.

What is the travel distance of taxi services in Nairobi from Jomo Kenyatta airport to Mombasa Road?

The distance between Nairobi Airport and Mombasa Road is nine km. The road distance is 12.2 km.

How do I travel from taxi Nairobi airport to city centre without a car?

The top way to get from Nairobi Airport to City square without a car is to taxi which takes 20 min and costs $35 – $44.

Book a Taxi in Nairobi, Kenya Tips

Taxi services in Nairobi airport to city centre will take about twenty minutes in light traffic as it is placed just 18km away from the central ring. After leaving the key compound, your Jomo Kenyatta airport taxi driver will head northwest onto B10 before merging onto Mombasa road. He will then take the second exit at the roundabout the drive along Uhuru Hwy. Finally, your taxi will take the 3rd exit and move onto the Haile Selassie Ave.

Taxi price in Nairobi are negotiable but end up quite standard. Any trip within the city-centre area costs Ksh500, from downtown to Milimani Rd costs Ksh600, and for longer trips such as Westlands or Yaya Center fares range from KSh 750 to Ksh1000. From the city center to Langata and Karen is approximately KSh 1200 one way. It can be much affordable to taxi in Nairobi train station hire for the day if you plan to do a lot of moving around town. Ask at your hotel or just negotiate with a driver.

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