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The holiday destination London can be perhaps be known the most iconic city in the planet. It is brimming with history and has been home to the Royal Family for a long time. Visitors here love its dynamic vibe but more than that, they are dreamlike by its old world charm that can be felt when you do actually visit the city. The city is one of the world’s most visited. Needless to say, if you are planning a trip to the beautiful city, you must not miss on these best tourist destinations in London for without it, you will definitely go back home with a trunk full of regrets.

Best tourist destinations in London Skyline

Facts and figures of holiday destination London


Geography plays an important role in the success of the London City. Unlike NYC, Hong Kong, or Tokyo, the city business day overlaps those of all the world’s financial centres. The city can trade with the Eastern Hemisphere in the morning and Hemisphere Western in the afternoon, permitting its dealers to trade in all big market in one day.


Big Ben / Old Buildings


There are more international telephone calls made from the London City than anywhere else in the planet. This shows the truly world nature of the businesses which operate three. The City of London contains a mix of historical and modern buildings, traditions and stories.

Themse / Big Ben

Best tourist destinations in London and popular places of attractions

Generally confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge is one of the most amazing landmarks in the city is recognized around the planet as a symbol of London.

This suspension bridge was constructed between 1886 and 1894, and specs a hydraulically powered system to raise the walkway and road, permitting big boats to pass underneath.


The Shard

The tower of London

The Tower of London is a Norman castle in the heart of London dating back to 1066, and placed right next to Tower Bridge on the north side of the Thames.

The castle was used as prison from 1100 to until 1952 and was the execution place and torture for those falling foul of the queen or king.

Best tourist destinations in London - The tower of London

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Place is a place to behold. Nestled in the Westminster City, in the center of London, the palace was actually built as a big townhouse for Duke Buckingham, in 1703, but purchased by King George III in 1761.

Queen Victoria made Buckingham Palace her official place when she assumed the throne, and now the palace serves as the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the UK.

Best tourist destinations in London Buckingham Palace

London Eye

The modern Ferries wheel belongs to the most visited London attractions. The capsules are largely glazed and therefore provide a best view. With a height of approximately 135m, the London Eye is presently the second highest viewing option, after the Shard Skyscrapers, in London.

London Eye

The Shard

This seventy-two story cutting-edge skyscraper designed by the Renzo (Italian architect) offers one of the most sweeping panoramas of London. The Shard is home to the top viewing platform in the city, providing 360-degree views for up to forty miles.

Best tourist destinations in London The Shard

Culture & heritage of best tourist destinations in London

England contribution to both British and globe culture is too broad. Historically, England was an extremely homogenous country and developed coherent traditions, but especially as the British Empire expanded and the country absorbed peoples from all through the world, English culture has been accented with diverse contributions from Asian, Afro-Caribbeans, Muslims, and other immigrant’s people.

Others parts of the UK have experienced the same cultural and social diversification, with the result that English is not forever distinguishable from Scotland and Wales or even Northern Island.

Best tourist destinations in London Big Ben

Nature & parks of best tourist destinations in London

London is an unusually green city as matched to other big world cities. Nevertheless, for many, the impression of London is that of a highly built up urban place, bordered by less dense residential suburbs. Unsurprisingly London is characterised more by its buildings and townscapes than by its natural atmosphere.

Anyway, London has a big range of underlying natural landscapes. The most clear is the River Thames which, although heavily modified, has natural tidal ebb and flow, which brings the North Sea in the center of the city on a daily basis. The Thames itself has 21 tributaries in London – although many of these are now “lost” rivers, forming part of the piped drainage network.


Best tourist destinations in London Parks

How to get to your best tourist destinations in London

London has world-class public transportation and getting day pass is affordable than buying single fares. A 1 way fare on the tub in Zone one costs 5.50 GBP, but getting a Visitor Oyster Card reduces traffic to 2.40 GBP per ride. No issue how many trips you take per day. This is applicable across all public transit, including trams and buses, saving you a ton of money.

The visitor Oyster Card costs 5 GBP, and then you pick how much credit to include to your card. Remember that you can get back any remaining balance at the end of the tour.

The tram system in London works the same way as the bus system, with rides costing 1.50 GBP each direction and a day of unlimited travel no higher than 5.20 GBP.


Train Station

Best time for visiting the best tourist destinations in London

The holiday destination London is a city of fun, dynamic atmosphere. People make them of the hot weather and there are constantly tons of festivals and events happening.

Spring (Late March-June) and autumn (September-October) are also remarkable times to visit, as temperatures are mild and the city is not as packed.

Winter lasts from December to March, and tourism crowds thin out dramatically during this time. Temperatures can dip below 5 C and prices are pretty lower as well. Expect grey weather and be sure to dress warmly.


London Eye Concert

How safe is the holiday destination London

The holiday destination London is a safe and risk free city. Scams and pick-pocketing can happen around high traffic areas, especially around visitor attractions London Tower and on crowded public transit. Pick-pockets tend to work in teams, so stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

Forever keep your precious items secure and out of sight. Although there are no super seedy neighborhoods in London, reject wandering around late at night alone – especially if you have had a pint or two.

Best tourist destinations in London Themse

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