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Cheap Ferry from Mombasa to Diani Beach Online Booking

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Ferry Zanzibar to Pemba tickets online booking made easy. Mombasa city is an island that somehow divides Kenya coast area into two: South and North Coast. To get to either of these parts you have to pass via Mombasa, on the north, ferry Mombasa bridge links the island to the mainland. On the south, the only way to move between the Island and the mainland Likoni is by ferry. Ferry from Mombasa to Diani beach online ticket booking saving you money and time.

Ferry Mombasa Booking FAQs

Mombasa ferry schedule, operating time and frequencies

The ferry Mombasa operates 24/7 with the average time between ferry rides being about fifteen minutes. Anyway, during rush hours you may have to wait for the next ferry for about thirty minutes.

The Mombasa ferry ride itself an average of five minutes.

Mombasa ferries price

People on foot do not pay while those using vehicles pay Mombasa ferries tickets Ksh 120 approx $1. You can just pay in cash and in Kenyan shillings.

There are 2 lanes that are used to board the Mombasa ferries, the peoples lane and the vehicles lane. If you are crossing while in your vehicle, once you are on the vehicles lane a ferry official will come by selling Mombasa ferry tickets to you, keep it well since you have to present your ticket to another official just fast before boarding.

Ferry from Mombasa to Diani beach

The island s linked to the North coast by a bridge, but the link to the South Coast Diani  is by ferry rather than Mombasa ferries bridge because this creek is also the access to Mombasa Port so very big ships use the channel.

The ferries operates to a schedule very late at night and in the early hours of the morning but for the rest of the time they just shuttle back and forward, leaving only when they are full. There are 3 ferry boats that should be doing this but recently there have been in service. The ferry cost should be added in the cost of your transfer/taxi.

What is the affordable way to get from Mombasa to Diani Beach?

The affordable way to get from Mombasa to Diani beach by ferry which takes only 80 minutes. Ferry from Mombasa to Diani beach price only $7.

Mombasa ferries safety tips

•  If you are in a car be sure to close all doors and windows as snatch thefts are extremely common.

•  If you are crossing on foot avoid wearing expensive jewelry and hold your bag very strongly especially during rush hours.

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