How to apply for Visa Card in Kenya – Credit, Debit or Prepaid Visa Cards

Enjoy the freedom to do what you want to do. Get a Visa Card in Kenya online.

Here is how to get a Visa Card in Kenya online. Visa debit cards are one of the most perfect ways for cashless transactions. You can use these plastic cards at both retail and internet stores to buy groceries or other items. The best use of this card is when you need some cash to head to the closet ATM and withdraw it. Below you can find more information on how to apply for Visa Card in Kenya.

ATM cards are both saved by a user-end PIN and electronic chip. You can use your Visa debit card in multiple ways, where cash withdrawal and internet payments are two of its general uses. Most transactions carry out quickly, while in some cases, they may take a couple of days to clear, depending on the vendor type.

Here are some of the advantages of credit, debit or prepaid Visa cards and how to get a Visa Card in Kenya online:


Carry a Visa debit card make sure triple security for consumers. Since you do not have to carry cash on you all the time, there is no possibility someone will rob you. Also, a debit card is PIN-protected which is available to the owner. The chip-based ATM cards are not as vulnerable to hacking as their predecessors. Bad case scenario, if some misuses Visa debit card owned by you, you can report it in the right authority and roll back the transaction.

Simply obtainable

Unlike credit cards, you do not have to manage your credit score. Even if you have a bad or negative credit score, you can apply for a new debit card by filling a consumer forma and submitting it to your bank. Most banks issue Debit cards in Kenya to users as soon as they apply for a checking account.

Simply accepted everywhere

You can use a Visa debit card globally, which is notable benefit of having a debit card. The most general card merchants these days are Maestro and Visa. Having any of these debit card types, you can buy; pay your bills, or even book a flight ticket and hotel rooms abroad.

Visa Card in Kenya Convenience

A credit card may not be accepted every place, you will have to have some cash to purchase services at some places. An ATM card works in 2 ways as you have the freedom to withdraw cash as per your need. You can also use it for quick payments just by swiping via the POS machine and buy groceries.

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