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Life, Health, Car Online Insurance in Kenya FAQs

What is insurance Kenya?

The idea of insurance Kenya is extremely easy to understand. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to the insurance firm to  protect your health, life, property, etc for a certain period. In return, the travel insurance for Kenyan residents pays for the financial damages in case of any harm to the insured object or person. So you are transferring the danger of a financial loss you might experience due to life’s uncertainties to an insurance firm for a little fee.

But there are three types of Kenya insurance that are most vital in Kenya

Best Car Insurance Kenya

For example, if you meet with a car accident and need to be hospitalized. Your Kenya medical insurance policy will cover the medical costs for hospitalization. And, your best car insurance Kenya will pay for the damages to your vehicle. Additional, if you die during the mishap, your family will get a lump sum total for your term insurance.

Best Life Insurance Kenya

Best Life insurance Kenya financially saves your family in case you die an early death. Here is how it works. You pay a regular premium to the Kenya insurance firm for a specific number of years. In return the medical insurance Kenya company pays a sum assured to your family if you die during your policy.

There are different types of Kenya life insurance policies and in some of those, you get a lump sum amount if you live via the policy tenure.

Best Health Insurance Kenya

Best health insurance Kenya is a way to make sure you and your family can get the top medical care without you hesitating about the cost.

In a best health insurance Kenya policy, the cost of medical treatment of the insured person is face by the insurance firm. In exchange for a regular premium paid by you, the insurance firm pays for all the expenses match to a sickness for which the insured person needs treatment. This contains daycare, hospitalization, pre-hospitalization, post, etc. And with the cashless facility, your bill is directly settled between the hospital and the firm.

Liability Kenya Insurance

Liability insurance is availed to insure properties, businesses, cars, etc. On buying a liability insurance like best car insurance Kenya, business insurance, motorcycle insurance in case of any damage to the insured property or objective during the policy tenure, the insurance firm will financially compensate the owner of the policy holder.

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