Cheap Mozambique Holiday Packages

Mozambique is a unique destination that most African holidaymakers do not want to miss. Despite the lack of facilities in the northern part of the country, the southern coastline has been presenting the best things of the country. If you are wondering about the elements that you can add in your upcoming Mozambique tour packages, you can see these important things.

Where to go in Mozambique

The Mozambique tour packages and attractions vary from the Bazaruto Archipelago to paying a visit to the Quirimbas. This country is a tourist’s paradise due to its extensive beaches, warm weather, and sufficient sunshine. holidays to Mozambique is great for scuba divers, water sports lovers and people who love honey moons due to its rich aquatic and natural beauty.

Mozambique’s very extensive eastern beach attracts sailors, scuba divers, fishermen, and those who are fond of the beach. Notable points of interest are Beira, Ilha de Mozambique, Gorongosa Park, Inhambane, Xai-Xai, Inhaca Island, Vilanculos, Niassa Reserve, Pemba, Quirimbas Archipelago and Bazaruto Archipelago.

Maputo City Break

Maputo the capital city previously known as Lourenco Marques is the country’s largest city and has the most important port in the country. Maputo is arguably one of Africa’s most lively capitals due to its waterside setting, roadside cafés, flame-tree-lined roads, and Mediterranean-style buildings. Tourists can dance to the country’s most popular marrabenta music, take pleasure in the refreshing sea breeze at numerous restaurants which serve locally made seafood, sip a caipirinha at one of Maputo’s jazz bars or take a café espresso at one of its vibrant roadside cafés. You can see women in colorful clothes selling spices and seafood at the large Municipal market and visiting the gallery and museum in the Ministry of Labour building will be of great pleasure to you. It will be very satisfying to spend some time here before going to the north.

Safari in Mozambique

You must not miss the fantastic experience in Ibo Island. It is where you can add closer encountering to lions in your Mozambique tour packages. Walking with lions is the core of the activity in Gorongosa National Park.

Mozambique Beach Holidays

When having the Mozambique beach holiday packages, it is easy to notice the wonderful palm-lined beaches that offer such laidback ambiances for all beachgoers and average travelers. The beaches offer a lot of fun activities from diving, game fishing, snorkeling.

Beaches are also close to Mozambique national parks. These are also worth to visit if you want to have safari experience in your holiday packages in Mozambique.

When you go to North to marula-thatched huts, you can visit the beautiful beaches around Pemba. In high season, the crowd won’t bother you a lot because of the vast amount of spots on the beaches.

Then, you could enjoy the marine life from Two Mile Reef. Consider taking your waterproof action cam since there are a lot of creatures that are worth to shoot in your camera. If you are lucky, you will come across the tiny coral fish and manta rays.

Best Times to Visit Mozambique

Chances are you have seen a lot of interesting points you want to take in your Mozambique tours. So, what is the best time to visit this country?

The best time to visit is between May to October. At these months, the temperatures are at the lowest and the weather is dry. But you can also visit the place from November to January when the humidity and temperature are high.

It is not recommended to visit between February to April. These months the rain can strike hard so that there are many roads that are hard to pass.

Getting Around in Mozambique

The distances in Mozambique are quite large. So, if you have such limited time, flying will be the best way to get around Mozambique. But if you have plenty of time in your Mozambique holiday packages, you can use chapa or minibusses to get around. You can also hire cars if you prefer to drive by yourself.


Although this country is still developing, you can easily high-class hotels. The top-rated hotels are usually located on the coast. But you can also look for the budget conscious accommodation like a guesthouse, complex Turistico or tourist compound, boma or camping pitch, pousada or inn, and barracuda. Each of these accommodation has its own pros and cons. If you are using your travel booking app, you can find a lot of interesting Mozambique tours deal that you can use to save your money.

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