Cheap Mobile Top Up Mauritius Online

Top up mobile phone in Mauritius online now.

Online top up Mauritius that permits customers to recharge through internet, credit prepared cell phones when they in Mauritius or abroad island. Customers can now recharge their mobile via scratch cards, ATM, e-voucher service, SMS and internet. Do bill payment and mobile top up Mauritius online and save time and money.

Online top up Mauritius FAQs

Orange top up Mauritius

To use this service, you must go to the Orange internet portal, to online register with an e-mail address and use a Mastercard or Visa to make payment and pick from the credit choices R50, R100, R200, R1000.
If a person makes Mauritius mobile recharge from abroad, the American dollar equivalent will be billed. In a second step, Mauritius telecom plans to provide its customers the capability to use Orange Money and other foreign currencies for payment.

Emtel top up Mauritius

Emtel is the second provider in Mauritius. Its 3G coverage is equal to my.t, but its LTE/4G is not so widespread. Their rates are pretty lower than my.ts.

Emtel offers problem free recharging forts its prepaid subscribers. Emtel subscribers can top up Mauritius phone via the modes of Online Recharge, Emtel Scratch cards, ATM recharge, Emtel EPIN and SMS top up.

ATM recharge

Recharge your account with your credit or debit card on the ATM of the following banks: SBM, MCB, Bank One and MPCB. You can even mobile top up in Mauritius accounts of friends and family. Denominations of ATM recharges are mainly accessible on the respective ATM.

SMS Topup

Now just an SMS is required to send top up to Mauritius Emtel prepaid account. Your account is topped up and your bank account will mechanically be debited. To enjoy the facility of top up Mauritius Emtel prepaid mobile anytime, anywhere, register with the following bank: SBM, MCB, and MPCB.


•    Problem free service – no need to go any shop to purchase credits
•    Instant recharge of any Emtel prepaid mobile anytime
•    No charging fee to active the service

Online recharge

You can carry out your internet recharges and bill payment for any number, for your family and friends.

CHiLi top up Mauritius

MTML launched Chili GSM services in Mauritius, in November 2011. Using latest technology, ChiLi provides big range of SMS, voice, and Data at a reasonable price to the customers. Chili provides one of the very big CHiLi top up Mauritius retail network and mobile top up Mauritius facility, where you can advantage from all tariffs and offers. With online top up Mauritius, you can get internet on your mobile phone. Surf, chat, mail or browser your favorite sites on the move with mobile internet.

Advantages of top up Mauritius

Phone Mobile Top Up Mauritius

•    You can send top up to Mauritius phone credits to your own number or even a friend.
•    Buy a phone top up voucher that you can send to any person, or keep yourself for later use.

Bill payment Mauritius

•    Pay your water, electricity, TV, or internet bill with your mobile.
•    You can transfer funds to your bank for credit repayment.

Reject the hassle of withdrawing cash or searching for a retailer to purchase the mobile phone scratch card. All you pay for is the mobile top up in Mauritius – there is no other charge. The best news is that you can even top-up a friend or relatives phone.

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