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      Cheap Inter Island Ferry Seychelles Online Booking

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      Seychelles ferry booking made easy. There are two or three inter island ferry Seychelles connections daily Praslin and Mahe, with the evening ferry continuing to seychelles la digue ferry. The ferryboat going back and forth between Mahe and La Digue is normally the one which is little than the one running between Mahe and Parslin. So if you are prone to sea sickness it is probably a best idea to change boast on Parslin and take the bigger ferry boat on the Mahe – Praslin leg. You can now easy book Seychelles ferry tickets online to reach your destination.

      Seychelles Ferry Booking FAQs

      How to reach the islands with inter island ferry Seychelles

      Between the 3 key islands (Praslin, Mahe, La Digue) there are daily Seychelles ferry tickets booking connections.

      •  Ferry Mahe to Praslin: duration approx. sixty minutes, cost around €50.

      •  Ferry Praslin > La Digue: duration approx. fifteen minutes, cost around €20.

      •  Ferry Mahe > La Digue: Duration approx. ninety minutes, cost around €70.

      Seychelles la Digue Ferry

      To reach Seychelles la digue ferry from Mahe you need to take a ferry that tops on Praslin. Sometimes, passenger have to replace ferries on Praslin. If you are not sure whether you have to replace ferry, ask the staff at the harbour. The only direct trips between La Diegue and Mahe are on Fridays.

      Seychelles Reunion ferry

      It is best to book Seychelles reunion ferry time tickets in advance.

      With up to eight departures a day, getting from Praslin to La Digue is simple with inter island ferry Seychelles. From humble starting, with only thirty passengers schooner, Inter Island Ferry now boasts two high speed catamarans – Cat Rose II and Cat Rose – carrying up to 155 passengers at a time.

      Leaving from Baie Sainte Anne, and with a big range of Seychelles reunion ferry time, it is simple to play your day trip to La Digue world-famous beaches. And for those with a little more time, why not plan a longer stay and take in the laid-back vibe that is making a La Digue increasingly more popular.

      Is there a straight Seychelles ferry between Mahe and La Digue?

      You can take a straight from Mahe to La Digue on Friday at 17:00 and in the reverse way on Friday at 8:00. The duration is one hour and ten minutes. La Digue and Mahe are still linked every day by ferries calling at Praslin.

      Is to better to reach Praslin by plane or ferry?

      To reach Seychelles, you can take ferry (about one hour) or a flight (about 15 mint). To decide which one to take, you should consider the following factors: the departure and arrival times, the cost, the order of the islands in your holiday, the place of your accommodation, the year time in which you tour.

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