Marketing Cooperation

With a marketing collaboration you will get the most out of your next promotion or competition campaign!


Complement your marketing campaign with events of and offer your potential customers that certain something. Should our marketing collaboration extend the communication on the POS? Then let's create an extensive communication concept together for example with online-integration or TV-Spot-Integration.



On Pack Promotion

A On Pack Promotion is a time restricted sales promotion measure where you combine you upgrade  your own products through the combination with other products and brands on the POS and clearly distinguish them from the other products. With that you not only reach the best placings for your products in shops but you also increase your brand awareness, the sales and therefore the total revenue. Are you not sure if your product fits a On Pack Solution? There is fundamentally not one product that would not suit it. Not all packagings are made for a direct imprint of the details because of the composition or the restricted area but even for that we have the right solutions: Stickers, covering boxes, neck hangers – we know what to do.



Not only at the POS, but especially online events are the perfect addition to your competition. Either with an experience as the main price of your competition or with a complete competition pyramide of different experiences. From 30€ coupons to „Once-in-a-lifetime“ -events, for example V.I.P new years eve on times square, everything is possible. Distinguish yourself from the usual price contest and gifts: Offer outstanding offers to the participants that will stay in their memory for a long time and create a positive link with your brand. With you receive suitable experiences for your brand and your campaign. We gladly compile event-suggestions personalized for your target group for your next competition campaign.


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