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Air taxi from Zhuhai to Guangzhou online booking will be possible soon. The app helps you search, compare and book cheap flights from Zhuhai to Guangzhou online. Guangzhou in Southern China is a big metropolis that gathers new and old, offerings attractions and sights for every person, no issue if you are a history buff or looking for a family-friendly holiday place. Here are the must-see attractions in the City of Five Rams. This makes Guangzhou a perfect place for all types of visitors. So find and compare flight tickets from Zhuhai to Guangzhou (CAN) and book great offers on cheap air taxis from Zhuhai to Guangzhou online now. Here are some of the best Guangzhou attractions:

Chimelong Tourist Resort

For a complete day or even a week of fun, Chimelong tourist resort has it all: international circus, amusement park, birds park, safari park, and water park. If that is not sufficient, the neighborhood city Zhuhai has an Ocean Kingdom aquarium, too. During holidays and weekends it can get pretty busy - try visiting on a weekday instead.

Huacheng Square

For a new view of Guangzhou, a must-view spot in the city is Huacheng Square. Several new landmarks surround the square, new library, Guangdong Museum, Canton Tower and International Finance Center just across the river. For a wonderful nighttime view, it is top to visit after sunset to be capable to admire the colorful lights.

Shamian Island

Separated from the mainland by a little canal, Shamian Island used to be a vital port for  foreign trade from the Song to Qing dynasties. Because of its history, it is like a little Western town in the center of China, best for a walk for an hour or two.

Canton Tower

The landmark of Guangzhou, the Canton Tower rises up to almost six-hundred meters and illuminates the scenery with color lights in the evening. It was briefly the tallest tower in the planet and includes restaurants, coffee shops, rides, and observation decks for the adrenaline junkie.

Chan Clan Academy

Built in 1894, the Chen Clan Academy was actually built by the Chen family as a study hall for young men to prepare for majestic examinations. Today, it houses the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. The ancestral hall consists of nineteen buildings and different exhibitions, so plan a visit at least 1 hour.

Cheap air taxi from Zhuhai to Guangzhou online booking FAQs

When is the excellent time to visit Guangzhou?

Being a subtropical area, climate in Guangzhou is heavily influenced by the monsoon. The most visitor-friendly seasons being winter and autumn, the period stretches from September to March. During this time, the weather remains mostly dry with the average temperature being 16 C from December to March. November and October get the most sunshine and the average count goes as far as 183 monthly sunshine hours. This is the best time for back-to-back sightseeing and trekking, hence the peak-season.

When is the excellent time for air taxi from Zhuhai to Guangzhou online booking?

Booking in advance of your planned departure date is the top time to get cheap flights from Zhuhai to Guangzhou. The normal trend is that the closer you book to the departure date, the more expensive your flight Guangzhou will be.

How far is Zhuhai to Guangzhou?

The distance of air taxi from Zhuhai to Guangzhou flight is 105 kilometers (65 miles).

Which is the cheap month to fly from Zhuhai to Guangzhou?

From April to October, Guangzhou is set to view spells of heavy rainfall and continue humidity. During this low-season, airlines provide Guangzhou flights and hotel deals and holiday packages to boost tourism. Flights also offer Guangzhou flight deals as well. Price-wise visitors need only put off their trip until April. The average rainfall exceeds the 290 mm benchmark in May but if visitors can bear with it then the cost factor will at least in their favour. Guangzhou is a year round place and monsoon only complement its beauties.

Which is the main international airport in Ghangzhou?

Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport is China 3rd busiest airport and the getting airport for cheap flights to Guangzhou. It is a thirty minute drive to the city center from the this airport which is conveniently placed at a distance of 32 kilometers from central Guangzhou. International airlines are presently using the Terminal 1 of the airport which is additional divided into 3 sectors:  the main terminal and 2 concourses designated as Area B and Area A. passengers check into the Main terminal where they wait and entertain themselves in souvenir shops and restaurants. Famous brand outlets have been introduced at the airport for additional convenience of a diverse company.

Cheap flights from Zhuhai to Guangzhou tips

Getting around Guangzhou

The most famous way to view the city is by walking. There is even a designated visitor walking road, Zhongshan 6 Road, which will take you around most of the big visitor attractions of Guangzhou. There are also regular public bus services and tour buses you can take benefit of. For the utmost ease, visitors can also take the subway, though in the humid hot months walking can be more pleasant.