Vodacom Tanzania Data Plan / Vodacom Tanzania Internet Packages, Subscription Codes and prices

Here is the list of every Vodacom Tanzania data plans and prices / Vodacom Tanzania internet packages / bundles. Vodacom Tanzania, mutually owned by South African and Vodafone Telekom, is the market monster in Tanzania with a twenty-two percent share. It has the widest coverage in the country for the top rates. In 2016 4G/LTE was started in Dar es Salaam on 1800 Mhz, now expand to a few more locations. Find below cheap Vodacom Tanzania data bundles price:

Here is how to get Vodacom Tanzania data bundles, plans and prices / Vodacom Tanzania internet bundles

Vodacom Tanzania data plans and prices

Default rate outside of plans is TSH 282 per MB. These bundles known as Cheka internet are offered are valid on 3G, 2G, and LTE/4G. Find below Vodacom Tanzania Daily Data plans, Vodacom Tanzania Weekly Data plans and Vodacom Tanzania Monthly Data plans:

Vodacom Tanzania data bundles​ Time



Vodacom Tanzania Daily Data plans:

1 day

70 MB

TSH 500

200 MB

TSH 1000

1 GB

TSH 2000

Vodacom Tanzania Nightly Data plans: 2 nights


4 GB

TSH 1500

Vodacom Tanzania Weekly Data plans: 7 days

500 MB

TSH 3000

800 MB

TSH 5000

2 GB

TSH 10,000

5 GB

TSH 15,000

12 GB

TSH 20,000

Vodacom Tanzania Monthly Data plans: 30 days

500 MB

TSH 5000

2 GB

TSH 15,000

10 GB

TSH 35,000

20 GB

TSH 50,000

50 GB

TSH 95,000

Mode of Subscription of Vodacom data plans


Dial *149*01# to buy data.

Via App

Download my vodacom tanzania app on google play to buy data.

Via Website

Visit https://www.vodacom.co.tz/ to buy data.

How to get Vodacom data bundles balance

Via Sms


Dial *149*60# to check your data balance.

Via Website

Via App

Download my Vodacom Tanzania app on google play to check your data balance.

Vodacom Internet Speed

Peak Speed:
Average internet browsing speed:

Vodacom Tanzania data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.