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Cheap boat hire Bazaruto Archipelago made easy. The two main islands are Benguerra and Bazaruto, with little smaller islands – Santa Corolina, Bangue, Magaruque, and Linene Island. Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique is another best place for speed boat rental Bazaruto Archipelago. This spring of islands opposite Vilanculous provides world class diving, beaches, and definitely a perfect place for yachter charter destination. Do cheap yacht charter Bazaruto Archipelago online and save time and money.

Boat Hire Bazaruto Archipelago FAQs

Unique yacht charter holiday

The full Bazaruto Archipelago is part of a conversation project whose initial objective is to maintain the social and ecological integrity of the Bazaruto National Park by wise sustainable use of the resources.
Bazaruto Archipelago islands encourage sun and beach worshippers, nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts alike with party boat hire Bazaruto Archipelago.
Combine sparty boat hire Bazaruto Archipelago with resorts like Bazaruto Lodge, Benguerra Lodge, Marlin Lodge, Indigo Bay Resort, Azura lodge to make a special yacht charter holiday.

A dream come true

A 70 year lifespan provides sufficient time to grow 3 metres long and put on 1,100 pounds weight. There are genuine scuba dream come true. They feed on the ocean floor bordered by coral and seaweed sheltering tropical fish in crystal-clear water. Swimming with dugongs truly is a walk in the park, because the big mammals could not care less provided nobody interferes with their perennial sea grass buff. You could walk at a likely place until your hat floats, you could float your private yacht charter Bazaruto Archipelago over to a likely place and a dugong may be there.
You might favor to join a dhow fishing boat rental Bazaruto Archipelago with a put-put motor and view what the sea brings to the end of your fishing line. What more could you want then crystal, hot clear water, a never-ending procession of sea life, sweet coral dressed up in its Sunday best. Other attractions contain playing captain on a traditional fishing down for a day, sand-boarding down big sand dunes, and dining on domestic seafood the Portuguese way.

How to reach Bazaruto Archipelago

To reach Bazaruto island, you first have a choice of light airplane, private boat hire Bazaruto Archipelago  or hire a car. When you arrive in inharrasso you will find traditional colonial hotels, little luxury establishments and backpacker accommodation. Most who come use traditional dhow boats to rent Bazaruto Archipelago to navigate island and the other 5 islands in the archipelago. Anyway, light craft and speed boat rental Bazaruto Archipelago are also accessible.