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Cheap boat hire Boa Vista made easy. Sprinkled with sand pristine and dunes, sweeping beaches where turtles nest, the island of Boa Vista has been attracting more and more guests looking to explore its remote trails and wonderful shore with boat rental Boa Vista. The 3rd biggest isle in the archipelago offers a desert, flat landscape, riddled with date and saltpans palms. On a holiday in Boa Vista with houseboat rental Boa Vista, you will lots of activities to pick from – windsurfing, sailing, taking an off-road vehicle to the dunes, or observing the loggerhead turtles. Do cheap yacht charter Boa Vista online and save time and money.

Boat Hire Boa Vista FAQs

Boat trips on Boa Vista

You can do private boat hire in Boa Vista or catamaran and go for a daytrips on the sea or even overnight trips to other Cape Verde islands. You can go for dophine watching or whale-watching. For viewing turtles you do only need to swim around a little, they are everywhere.

Where to stay in Boa Vista

Living the sandy shore of Boa Vista, numerous resorts and hotels, as well as apartments and villas with sweeping coastal views cater to visitors looking to relax and rest. Although most lodging focus in and around the Sal Rei town, other more remote beaches and settlements provide extra options. If you are looking to splurge, go for a suite in all-inclusive resort with dining options, swimming pool, spa amenities and private boat charter Boa Vista. Laidback hotels with mid-range guesthouses and simple rooms and holiday apartments are scattered around town and near the more famous beaches.

Best time to book private yacht charter Boa Vista rental?

Weather in Boa Vista is hot throughout the year. Anyway, if you want to reject excessive heat, the best time for speed boat rental Boa Vista from November to July.

The warmest months are generally August to October. Regardless of when you plan to go, do not forget to bring reef-friendly sunscreen, a wide-brim sun hat, as well as SPF summer clothing, and protective.

Water sports at Boa Vista

•    Kite surfing is a perfect when there are best winds.
•    Windsurfing is also remarkable, and Boa Vista is best for learning.
•    SUP – Boa Vista is one of the best places for this. Little, best waves that are simple to catch, and offshore wind for simple paddling out. You can also drop trips to the little island the harbour with the SUP.
•    Driving and snorkeling is also possible with private yacht charter Boa Vista or party boat hire in Boa Vista, even if the waves makes the water a bit unclear.