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Cheap boat hire Zanzibar made easy. Fifteen miles away from the Tanzania coast lies Zanzibar. An island with a wonderful heritage, buzzing atmosphere, cultural contrast, Zanzibar is an East African treasure that will definitely relax your adventurous soul. An escape to the African spice islands is an amazing experience and a promise to the world best-kept secret. Speed boat rental Zanzibar is the excellent way to navigate the archipelago blue waters with a world-class itinerary, mainly tailored for you. Do cheap yacht rental Zanzibar online and save time and money.

Why boat or yacht rental Zanzibar?

An exotic safe place for the tireless adventurers, chartering a boat or yacht, is a blissful experience in Zanzibar. Cocooned in the tropical climate, you will be pleasantly shocked by the pristine waters, dynamic marine life and coral gardens. Zanzibar is mostly a world underwater, mainly populated by sea creatures, including sea horse, crocodile fish, leaf fish and mantis shrimp.

Houseboat rental Zanzibar and overseeing the blue sea for yourself, sail to the superb archipelago of Mafia island and dive into the dutifully protected marine park to admire the gigantic whale shark. The Mnemba Atoll prides itself on having the most notable dive site, unknown by many but an intimate an exclusive to the sea adventures of the planet. In the southern Island, Kizimkazi, provides a best performing dancing dolphins that you could enjoy from your private chambers.

How to rent a boat in Zanzibar

What are yacht charter or boat hire in Zanzibar prices?

A private boat charter Zanzibar experience ranges from $650 to $850 per day with the luxury of sharing a private moment with 4 to 6 of your most precious family and friends. A ride on board a motor yacht is perfect to comfortably and safely sail to Zanzibar dive sites and amazing coral reefs. Catamaran are the most relax, well-equipped, and most favored choice amongst the yacht charterers.

When is the private boat hire Zanzibar season?

From March until May, Zanzibar yacht charter remain mostly onto the port as the rain may suddenly fall on the island. Only adventurous souls may test their luck during this, particularly wet season. November and December welcome more guests, but the weather uncertainly inspires many to abandon the ship.

Wedding or party yacht rental Zanzibar

A wedding yacht charter or party boat hire Zanzibar is explained in one word, magical. Paired with Zanzibar multicultural heritage and the special experience of boat rental, a wedding or party in Zanzibar is truly the excellent way to begin your life as a family of two.