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The bigger part of public transport in Congo is in the form of lorries and bush taxis. Ocean du Nord run buses across the country's 2 key roads - from Brazzaville to the coast, and up through the center of the country to the northern city of Ouesso through Makoua. Bush taxis tend to be a pretty quicker, but far less relax and more crowded than the complete-size buses in Congo. For cross-country travels you can go to Brazzaville's Marche Total to bargain with truck driver parked on Ave Matsoua. So use our bus booking app in Congo to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Congo now and save time and money. Here is the detail of booking bus tickets in Congo.

Buses in Congo

The main national buses in Congo operators:

Congo Mini-Buses

In Congo there are no urban bus firms, only privately-owned minibuses. The minibuses plan which place they are heading to. The drivers help job is to call out each drop-off point and the final place and collect money from passengers. The cheapest bus services in Congo has a quite affordable price and is also most preferable for locals. For a far way place it will just cost as little as 150 FCFA per trip (about $0.30). The cons of taking Congo cheap bus tickets as a foreigner alone is that most of the assistants favor to speak Lingala, or just do not speak French at all. This is idea if you are not familiar with the city or would love some assistance.

Local tip: if you are truly traveling on a budget and will still favor to take minibus with Congo online bus booking, it is much preferable to ask the bus driver for help before taking a bus. Simply describe to him where you would like to be dropped off, and he might ask you sit in the front seat beside him order for him to excellent help you.

Travelling outside of Brazzaville

Maybe while you are in Brazzaville you would be interested in going to some of the domestic rural areas or nearby cities. There is no doubt that airplanes are a quicker mode of transport but travelling by bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Congo might be a remarkable chance to truly explore and view the wonderful landscapes of Congo. Another benefit is that buses get to stop to refuel, providing you the best chance to grab your camera, hop off the bus, and get some amazing shots of the countryside. If you are up for traveling outside Brazzaville by Congo buy bus and shuttle tickets, considering travelling with local bus firms such as Ocean du Nord. These cheapest bus services in Congo are extremely cost-friendly. For a pretty as 10,000 FCFA you can take a trip to Pointe-Noire.

Online bus ticket booking Congo safety information

Forever keep an eye on your gadgets. Never put them to another person's luggage as they might get damaged or stolen. Congo online bus ticket bookings trips can be truly long so ensure you have everything you might need to use in your backpack, such as snacks and your mobile. Never leave your bag on your seat if the bus stops to refuel unless you are seated next to someone that exactly watch your stuff while you are gone. But most vitally you should relax, have fun, and enjoy your tour on Congo's Chaotic transport choices.

Security officials have also been famous to arrest foreigners and demand payment for their release. Do not show valuables on your person, walk the streets alone, or carry big amount of cash, and keep vehicles doors and windows locked. Demonstrations and political gatherings should be rejected. Ferries and berries are badly maintained and have low safety standards so always pick bus. This is the best and right option for fast travel.