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The key form of intercity public transport in Ethiopia is buses. These can be broken up into 3 board categories: luxury buses, minibuses and ordinary buses. All are extremely affordable, with ordinary bus fare typically working out to approximately $1 per 25-30km, though this does depend a bit on road situations and the standard of the vehicle. Luxury buses in Ethiopia, where they exist, tend to cost around 50 to 70 percent more. As a rule, foreigners are not overcharged, but it can occur. You will soon get a feel for bus tickets in Ethiopia fares, and where in doubt you can ask at your hotel before heading to the bus station but do not forget online bus ticket booking Ethiopia. So use our bus booking app in Ethiopia to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Ethiopia now and save time and money. Here is the detail of booking bus tickets in Ethiopia.

Buses in Ethiopia

The main national buses in Ethiopia operators:

There are 2 main luxury bus operators: Sky Bus and Selam Bus. In reality, their buses would not truly qualify as luxurious outside Ethiopia, but they do at least meet global standards, with relax seating, air conditioning, professional drivers and a fair safety record. Using Addias as a hub, both firms cover a limited network that contains Dessie, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Gondar, and Hawassa, almost regularly leaving between 5am and 6am, depending on the route. Unlike most other buses and cheapest bus services in Ethiopia, seats can be booked the day before you travel through Ethiopia bus tickets online. Typical fares from Addis Ababa are approximately 340 birr to Bahir Dar or 310 birr to Harar.

General buses in Ethiopia are not very relax. On routes where they are only 1 or 2 buses daily, there is generally a more or less fixed departure time, but late or early departures are to be guessed. On busier routes, buses generally leave when full, so you might wait anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours to get rolling, depending on how active the road is and how full the bus is when you arrive. As a rule, buses leave most regularly in the morning, before 8am, and the final bus on any given route will depart in time to make the place before nightfall so book shuttle and bus tickets in Ethiopia.

Minibuses bus tickets in Ethiopia

Light vehicles such as minibuses are largely accessible for little distance travel places. It is also possible to town-hop on light vehicles on some big routes (between Adigart, Axum, and Mekele; Addis Ababa and Adama, and Hawassa and Mojo). The other place where light vehicles come into play is on routes where there are no big buses operating, for instance between Arba Minch, Negele Borena, Goba and Jinka. Generally, these light vehicles are privately owned, bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Ethiopia is very easy.

Buses are affordable, usually cost at around $3 - $4 per 100km, though road situations and travel time will also affect the fare. If you use light vehicles on routes where there are no buses, guess to pay considerably more than you would for a similar distance on bus route.

Intercity online bus ticket booking Ethiopia

For Selan buses and Sky buses, tickets should be booked as far ahead as easy.

Online bus ticket booking Ethiopia for most long-distance journeys can generally be bought in advance. If you can, do it promise a seat and cuts out the touts who sometimes snap up the remaining tickets for increase the price to latecomers. Most government ticket offices are opens daily from 4:15am to 6pm. For little distance, Ethiopia bus bookings can generally only be bought on the day.
If you would love a whiff of fresh air on your trip, get a seat behind the driver as he tends to buck the Ethiopian trend of keeping windows tightly closed and keeps his window cracked open. Though on the flip side, if there is a problem these are generally the worst seats to be in!