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      Cheap Online Bus Ticket Booking Mozambique

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus tickets in Mozambique online now.

      The capital Maputo is simply reached by continue daily buses from and to Johannesburg in South Africa, taking about eight to nine hours via the busy Ressano Garcia/Komatipoort border crossing. Nelspruit and Pretoria can be reached as well from Maputo. Check Intercape Mainliner, GreyHound, Translux, Panthera Azul to check book shuttle and bus tickets in Mozambique. Panthera has cheap online bus ticket booking Mozambique to Durban via Swaziland, originating in Maputo.

      Minibuses travel between Manzini and Maputo and Mbabane in Swaziland, taking approximately 3.5 hours including border formalities.

      Intercity online bus ticket booking Mozambique

      There are lots of border crossing with Malawi. From and to Blantyre use Zobue crossing between Harare and Blantyre, where vehicles depart Blantyre for the border through Mwanza linking in Mozambique with minibuses to Tete. The Milange border crossing is perfect for Island of Mozambique and Quelimane, with Mozambique online bus ticket bookings from Blantyre through Mulanje to the border., There are daily  cheapest bus services in Mozambique to Nampula, Quelimane, and Mocuba.

      The crossing at Mandimba is perfect for Cuamba and northern Mozambique, though note that cannot get a via on arrival here. There is continue transport on Malawi side to Mangochi, where you can get Mozambique online bus booking to Namwera and Chiponde. Once in Mozambique, vehicles go daily from Mandimba to Lichinga and Cuamba.

      From and to Lilongwe, you can use the Dedza border post, eighty-five kilometers southeast of Lilongwe, where online bus booking Mozambique tickets run along the sealed route to Tele through Ulongwe. Otherwise, you can travel in stages through Moatize.

      From Tanzania, pickups depart Mtwara daily to the Kilambo border post, and on to the Rovuma River, crossed through dugout canoe. Once across, 2 pick-ups daily go to the Mozambique border post and on to

      Mocimboa da Praia

      For Zambia, the key crossings is at Cassacatiza, northwest of Tete. Chapas go daily from Tete to Matema, from where there is onward border transport, and vehicles to Katete, and on to Chipata or Lusaka.

      To Zimbabwe, the key crossings are at Nyamapanda, and at Machipanda on the Harare to Beira route. Minibuses go from Changara to Tele on to Nyamapanda, where these are vehicles to Harare. You can also travel directly via Blantyre and by book shuttle and bus tickets in Mozambique to Harare, crossing the border with Mozambique via Tele. From Chimoio minibuses go to Manica and the border. From here, onward transport is accessible to Mutare and here you can take a night train to Harare also.

      Chapa minibuses

      • The key form of local transport is the Chapa, the name given to any public transport that runs within a town or between towns is not a truck or bus. On longer routes, your only choice may be a camido. Many have open backs and sun and dust can be brutal unless you obtain a seat up front in the cab.

      • Chapas can be hailed anyplace, and prices are fixed. Intra-city Mozambique buy bus and shuttle tickets average Mtc5 and Mt7; longer-haul fares are generally slightly higher than the bus fare for the same route. The most relax seat in the front, next to the window, though you will have to make arrangement early and sometimes pay more.

      • Chapa drivers are infamous for their unsafe driving and there are lots of accidents.

      • Long-haul chapas in Mozambique tend to depart early in the day and quite promptly, although drives will cruise for passengers before leaving town.

      Bus tickets in Mozambique

      Nagi and Entrago trans buses should be booked in a day in advance. Otherwise showing up on the morning of travel is generally enough to make a location.
      If you are on Mozambique bus tickets online about your seat, get to the departure point earlier or book online.