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Although it may be slower if you are going from one town to another, buses in Namibia are pretty relax and online bus ticket booking Namibia accessible, while some including mini TVs to help you relax when you are done watching the savannah. Although, it can be very much pricey, one of the top and safest services to use is Intercape. Anyway, they do not travel to all parts of the country - they mainly run around big towns. If you do end up with a bus, ensure booking bus tickets Namibia online and drive and forever stay in communication with them in case there are delays. So use our bus booking app in Namibia to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Namibia now and save time and money. Here is the detail of booking bus tickets in Namibia.

Buses in Namibia

The main national buses in Namibia operators:

Shuttle Namibia bus bookings

Other private operators also run shuttles to specific places: Welwitschia and Townhoppers Shuttle, both Swakopmund-based companies, operate daily air-conditioned shuttle services between the coast and the capital and you can book trips using our bus booking app in Namibia online. There is also a twice-weekly affordable Orange Bus service - also called as the SWAPO bus - run by Namib Contract Haulage that runs between Soweto Market, Katutura and different towns in the north, including Ruacana, outapi and Oskhakati. Most people, anyway get around on the less relax minibuses that do not have fixed schedule and do not offer online bus ticket booking Namibia, they leave when full and can be overloaded, and prone to mishaps, but are quicker.

Tips: Not all of the locals are willing to communicating during a bus trip. Forever read that environment. This is also a best time to grab a book, read as much as you or listen to your music on your electronic gadgets. Cannot sit still for too long? Take along a blanket and a pillow.

Mini bus tickets in Namibia

It is one of the most famous types of long-distance online bus booking Namibia. Forever bear in mind to ask locals where you intend to grab a bus. Many areas in the city - such as Monte Carlo Service Station in Katutura or the central bus station next to Wernhill Park, for example provides rides to different parts of the country, so forever know where you are going. Luggage is generally stored in a trailer at the back of the vehicle, providing every person sufficient area. Anyway, it is top to know which belongings are yours.

Local tip: Drivers can be truly desperate for customers. So keep your luggage as near to you as easy, otherwise 5 different drivers could carry your things to their bus.

Online bus ticket booking Namibia to neighbouring countries

Buses in Namibia link the capital Windhoek with most neighboring countries but frequencies are low and travel time high but you can easily get cheapest bus services in Namibia. It takes approximately twenty-four hours to and from Johannesburg and even more to Lusaka. There are also direct buses between Victoria Falls and Windhoek in Zimbabwe, stopping in Katima Mulilo in eastern Caprivi. These shuttle and bus tickets in Namibia travel through Botswana, but you are not permitted to get out of the buses. From Windhoek there are also irregular minibuses visiting directly to Maun, the gateway  for the Okavango Delta in Botswana one bus per week to Gabarone.

Additional, there is also service between Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa on luxury coaches with air conditioning and reclining seats, so you can online bus ticket booking Namibia easily. Intercape-Mainliner runs a Windhoek-Johannesburg service which depart 3 times a week through Botswana and Gobabis, and 4 times a week via Upington and Keetmanshoop. Coaches run between Cape Town and Windhoek twice weekly, intercape also runs 3 coaches weekly in either direction between Walvis and Windhoek through Swakopmund.