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Inter-city buses

Most new cheapest bus services in Saudi Arabia are conditioned and operated by the Saudi Arabian Public Transport firm. They conduct several routes around the city, all which finally return to downtown Ballad. They also have a big number of places connecting from Jeddah to most cities in the Kingdom. They also run international routes. Their main bus terminal for out of town places is placed in downtown Ballad, though there are independent bus operators who service other places. Most of these buses and Saudi Arabia cheap bus tickets accommodate between 30 and 45 people.

The Saudi Arabian Public Transport firm, comprising of 2,000 buses which link Saudi Arabia big cities: Mecca, Jeddah, Riyadh, Taif, Medina, Abha, Dammam, Hael, Tabuk and Gaseem. There may be limitations on travelling close to the Yemen border as there is a danger of terrorism.

There are on board toilets and some buses provide food and refreshments on board, though t here are rest stops and most routes. VIP bus service run between Al Khobar and Riyadh. 

The front 2 rows of buses are reserved for children and women. Unaccompanied foreign ladies may travel on intercity buses if they have a passport or iqama.

It is valve noting that foreign visitors rarely use Saudi Arabia online bus booking or local bus service, it is best to rent a car or a driver to travel within Saudi Arabian cities and towns rather than rely on local public transport.

National bus network

The amazing Saptco national bus network is generally the affordable and simplest way to get around the Kingdom, mainly to the remote corners, as there forever seems to be a Saptco station nearby, even if it just a location the buses pull into.


The Saptco bus network is reliable, safe and extremely reasonably priced. Return tickets are 25 percent affordable than 2-way fares, and tickets can be bought on machines or at booths within Saptco bus stations. Alternatively Saudi Arabia online bus ticket bookings online.

Saudi Arabia Bus Tickets Booking 

When buying Saudi Arabia buy bus and shuttle tickets, you will need to show your passport or iqama. During Ramadan, Hajj season, or in summer (May to September), bookings bus and shuttle tickets in Saudi Arabia at least a week in advance is advisable.

Book bus & shuttle tickets in Saudi Arabia can be bought up to 3 months in advance for local trips, 6 months for international journeys. If Saudi Arabia cheap bus tickets are unused or cancels, you can get a refund:  the price less ten percent for a one-way ticket, or the price less thirty percent for a return ticket if it has not be expired (within 3/6 months for local/international places).


• Due to the extremely conservative society, it is best for women travelling alone do so during day hours and limit solo night-time travel as much as easy.

• It is permitted for ladies to take cabs alone, but under no circumstance shall she sit in the front seat. She is to ride in the back-seat at full times. 

• It is also best to avoid long trips and secluded destinations if traveling alone. Keep places public and forever request the driver use main streets and use Saudi Arabia bus tickets online.

• Do not engage in unnecessary talks with drivers, as it may be misunderstood as something more general courtesy.

• If you feel like the bus driver is unaware of the place, is lost, and/or prolonging the tour demand, to be stopped and get out. Take note of operators number and name in case required.