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Online Bus Ticket Booking Tunisia

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Online bus ticket booking Tunisia made easy. ll big towns in Tunisia are linked by autobus bus tickets in Tunisia network, generally served 1-2 times per day air-conditioned big buses. In larger cities, there are also bus lines serving places within the city. Such buses can be pretty full at certain times of the day.

Bus stops on the route are generally not largely recognized, sometimes there is a waiting hut, sometimes just a marker, usually without any timetables or price information.  

Buses need to be entered in the back only, for the reason that is where the conductor is sitting. The cheapest bus services in Tunisia, about as high as those for collective taxis for a comparable distance.

Bus companies in Tunis

TCV and SNT are the 2 main bus firms in Tunis. The white-and-green privately owned TCV buses more than the SNT buses so book Tunisia cheap bus tickets now. Anyway, bus maps and destinations are written in Arabic. The 5 line Metro Leger tramway and perfect TGM train are the 2 other main public transportation choices in Tunis.

Inter-city online bus Ticket booking Tunisia

Inter-city online bus ticket booking Tunisia is fairly simple to use and vehicles are relax. Many Tunisian long distance buses are called as car, and buses labeled car comfort contain air conditioning and TV. Car buses travel between Hammamet and Tunis once every half-hour, and departure at most of other Tunisian vehicles car bus stations and equally frequent.

Yellow buses

Yellow buses run all over the capital but they are more famous with locals than visitors. One of the  reasons for this is that on many buses the information (point of departure, destination, and the route number) are only showed in Arabic. Information on more famous touristic routes is displayed in English.

SNTRI is the national bus firm. It runs a fleet of modern, air conditioned coaches between cities and towns throughout Tunisia. Tunisia online bus booking is best idea during peak season.


Louages (shared taxis) are the workhorses of the country road and are by far the quickest and easiest means of public transport, as well as a best way to meet local people.
Louages are colour-coded, a red stripe signifies long-distance, a yellow strip means it is rural/local service and blue strip is regional. Fares cost around the same as buses so you can buy cheap bus tickets in Tunisia.

Louages leave when full rather than to any timetable, but you will rarely have to wait more than forty-five minutes. Anyway, do not leave your trip too late - most louages stop running after 7 pm, sometimes earlier.
In most small cities and towns, the louage stations is near to, or combined with, the bus station, enabling you to pick between the services. At the louage stations, drivers stand by their vehicles and call out their places (there are also written on the louage top, but only in Arabic).
At some stations you may be told to book shuttle and bus tickets in Tunisia, but generally you pays the driver on board. If it is the latter, ask the fare before you get in or check the list of tariffs at the booths, or ask to view the drivers list.

By Tram

The tram network in Tunis is known as the "metro ledger". There are six main routes which are simple to navigate as long as you have a clear idea of how many stops you need to travel before you get on.
You can Tunisia buy bus and shuttle tickets at little kiosks at each station entrance and you need to do bookings bus and shuttle tickets in Tunisia before you travel. The general fare is 0.45DT.