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Two types of buses make up the online bus ticket booking Uganda public transportation structure. The s-called taxis and actually minibuses or commuter vans (matatus in Kenya) have no set departures times, but just leaves when they are full every 10-30 minutes of busier routes. The mini bus tickets Uganda fares are usually pretty higher than the overland buses and it is customary on most routes to pay shortly before arriving rather than on departure, so there is a restricted danger of being overcharged provided you look and view what other passengers are paring. A lawn enforcing a highest of fourteen passengers in each mini-bus-taxi, that is 3 passengers per row, is strictly enforced in most areas of Uganda, meaning mini travel is far more relax than in majority of African countries where 4 passengers per row is customary. So book your bus ticket to Uganda online now.

Intercity online bus booking Uganda

Bus and coach services cover all big routes, and you can book Uganda bus tickets online. Bus firms generally run modern fleet that typically maintain a speed of 100km/h or quicker permitting visitors to travel between Kampala and any main urban centres in Uganda. Getting around Uganda big urban centres by bus is an affordable way to travel and online bus ticket booking Uganda. Buses anyway do not forever run on a schedule departure time instead leave when they get full. Backpackers with time may find getting around Uganda by bus a best choice.

Buses for budget travellers

For backpackers, we advise Uganda Post office cheapest bus services in Uganda which is considered the safest choice. Several buses have Kampala key post office each morning heading at Gulu, Masindi Kiboga, Kisoro, Kabale, and Kasese. Along the way they stop in different towns to drop off and collect passengers and mail. Buses leave the Post office building in Kampala at 7:00am. Book shuttle and bus tickets in Uganda are different and affordable when you match with other buses/coaches. Post buses run daily from Kabale (via Mbarara and Masaka), Kampala to Kasese (via Mbarara), Hoima (via Masindi) and Soroti (via Mbale).

The better bus services/private coach have reasonably fixed departure times. Note that bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Uganda are hiked quickly before the holiday periods such as Christmas and East when Kampala multi-tribal society moves out of their home regions. These rises are periodic and they also compensate for vehicles returning almost empty to Kampala. 

Uganda bus booking price

A Uganda bus booking trip between Kampala and Masindi is covered in about 4 hours and costs approximately 8,000 shillings. It is vital to bear in mind that neither the buses nor the taxis run on fixed timetables, they leave the terminus when full. The official full capacity is fourteen, and buses on big routes leaving from Kampala must abide by this route, so you can make online bus booking Uganda now.

How can I book bus tickets Uganda?

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After search I go for cheap bus ticket to Uganda

• Gateway Bus services Ltd.
• Modern Coast Express Ltd
• Falcon Beach Ltd.
• KK Coaches Limited, Arua Park, Kamapala
• Modern Coast Express Ltd.
• Easy Coach Ltd Bus services
• Uganda Bus Operators Association
• Scandinavian Express
• Nile Coach Services

Train or Online Bus Ticket Booking Uganda

On the other hand, the Uganda Railway corporation runs 2 train lines in Uganda, one from Kampala to Port Bell on Murchison Bay at Lake Victoria, and the other from Kampala to Tororo at the border of Kenya. These are the only passenger trains presently running in the country.