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By regional standards, Zambian buses are quite best, although they get pretty crowded. They are a best choice for backpackers and travellers. But seats are arranged 5 across, rather than the usual 4. Although roads have improved considerably in recent times, online bus ticket booking Zambia and bus travel is still long, tiring and bumpy. Private firms run the bus tickets in Zambia services, which are pretty regular and reliable and accept online bus booking app in Zambia tickets, and the costs are standardised across firms.

Buses in Zambia

The main national buses in Zambia operators:

Bus operators tend to come and go, and it is best to use bus booking app in Zambia or ask around Cairo Roads travel agents or at the central bus station.

Intercity bus tickets in Zambia

Most private long-distance buses operate out of the bus stations on Sapele Road, between the railway and Cairo Road, to all provincial capitals and district - even remote areas such as Mansa, Kashikishi, Mbala, and Nakonda. Carries contain Euro-Africa, Virgin-Lux, CR, and RPS buses. Departure is early in the morning and you can do online bus booking Zambia. Buses in Zambia are relax and well maintained, with on-board toilet and air conditioning, and they tend to reach their places in best time.


Main roads in residential and commercial areas such as Great East Road are where you will find what are domestically known as minibuses. There are dedicated bus shelters, although buses sometimes stop after or before a stop, so the top bet is to look out for groups of people lined up. Bus conductors will shout out the name of the place they are heading to when approaching customers, but be sure to verify before getting on board. All cheapest bus services in Zambia and Lusaka have orange strips and are almost forever blue. This is the affordable mode of transport, with routes costing less than $3.

No doubt, many routes are served by minibuses, which  leave when full. Fares can be more or less the same as general buses. In remote areas the only public transport is often a pickup or truck.

Zambia bus ticket booking stations and online bus ticket booking Zambia confirmed bus reservation

Post buses Zambia bus bookings

The post office now runs only one schedule passenger service, with vehicles breaks only at post offices. Seats can booked in advance for passengers. These are faster and less crowded than the general buses, though not more relax.

The ticket booking place for postbuses is at the main post office on Cairo Road. Book cheap shuttle and bus tickets in Zambia 2 to 3 days before departure. The route to Ksama costs $12 and stops at Kapiri Mposhi, Kabwe, Mpika and Serenje. Buses depart Fri, Wed, and Monday.

This cost decreases proportionately if you alight at a town en route. Book shuttle and bus tickets in Zambia at local post offices where they stop, but note that postbuses cannot be hailed from the roadside.

Intercity online bus booking Zambia

For most long-distance buses, you will need to buy a shuttle and bus tickets in Zambia at the terminus in advance. Online bus ticket booking Zambia are on sale the day beforehand, and the buses run on to a timetable. Generally there are 2 different prices for any given location, a higher one to travel in a little, quicker minibus, and a lower rate for the bigger, slower normal buses. Guess about a twenty percent premium for a minibus.

Most buses (small or big) will not leave until they are full, which can some time. If possible, it is excellent not to pay until the bus has started on its way, as you may want to swap buses if another emerges to be filling quicker and hence is likely to depart earlier. Buses to some places leave frequently, others weekly on demand so book trips using our bus booking app in Zambia online.