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There are 2 types of local buses in Zimbabwe services: local and express. Regular express bus services run according to fixed timetables from Johannesburg to Harare and Bulawayo and many bus firms also run direct bus to Malawi, Blantyre and between Bulawayo and Harare. So you can easily book bus tickets Zimbabwe. There is a public transport from Victoria Falls to Botswana, but taxi will take visitors to the border and some hotels in Victoria Falls can arrange transfers. These links are frequent, their timetables and Zimbabwe online bus booking relied upon and their faces are still quite reasonable. They are the quickest and most reliable form of travel between big cities and local incomes increases more services are becoming accessible. So use our bus booking app in Zimbabwe to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Zimbabwe now and save time and money. Here is the detail of booking bus tickets in Zimbabwe.

Buses in Zimbabwe

The main national buses in Zimbabwe operators:

Local buses with Zimbabwe online bus ticket bookings depart when full from township markets outside the center of a town. These are old public buses, generally enveloped in a black cloud of diesel exhaust fumes that break at every intersection and carry almost everything from sofas to wheelbarrows. They are generally the only affordable way for domestic people and the only means of transportation accessible in rural areas. Travel if you would like the experience and you will be received with big smiles and politeness as forever and everywhere in Zimbabwe but they are not generally that roadworthy and very often very late due to continue breakdowns.

Minibus taxis with cheap bus tickets in Zimbabwe for intra-city transport, and are relatively affordably by European standards, though not necessarily secure or very relax way of viewing the real Zimbabwe.

Bus Companies

The luxury or express buses in Zimbabwe run according to published timetables. Check carefully, anyway, as most bus firms have both local and luxury coaches for online bus ticket booking Zimbabwe. For examples Zupco and Pioneer have both chicken and luxury buses.

Pathfinder: This luxury seven star bus service has started up a daily service linking Harare to Bulawayo, Victoria Falls and even Hwange. It has plans for services to Kariba and Mutare.

Bravo Plies the Harare-Bulawayo -Victoria Falls route.

So why are you wasting your time make online bus booking in Zimbabwe tickets to enjoy your next holidays.

Bus tickets Zimbabwe routes

The intercape Pathfinder cheapest bus services in Zimbabwe are used to run from Harare via Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, somewhat occasionally. Further, the service from Namibia into living stone has also ceased. 

The only remaining service is the Bulawayo-Johannesburg route, which runs on a regular basis. The shuttle and bus tickets in Zimbabwe bus leaves South Africa at 6pm and arrives in Bulawayo at 8:10am to the next morning. From Bulawayo, the bus leaves at 4pm and arrives in South Africa capital 8am the following morning.

Zimbabwe bus fares

Zimbabwe bus fares begin from ZAR 450 per person. There are different ticket choices and this the affordable price you would pay for a one way ticket. Also, the closer you book your travel date, the more you will have to pay.

Zimbabwe bus booking stations and online bus ticket booking Zimbabwe confirmed bus reservation

Booking shuttle and bus tickets in Zimbabwe can be done offline or online through bus booking app in Zimbabwe. Payment can be made by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or internet banking (with FNB, Standard Bank, Capitec, ABSA, or NedBank Internet banking account holders). You will get your online bus ticket booking Zimbabwe via mail. So you will need to print it and then show it when checking it.
While the bus to Victoria Falls and Livingstone are not running, these seems to be a seasonal schedule, although it is unpublished by the firm. During the extremey busy holiday seasons, you may find that bus will run.