Buying a SIM Card in Tanzania

Getting a sim card in Tanzania might be chaotic for a foreigner visiting Tanzania. Well, hesitate no more. The following is all you to need to know about buying a SIM Card in Tanzania:

Getting a SIM Card in Tanzania FAQs

The five main mobile phone sim card and network service providers in Tanzania

•    Vodacom
•    Tigo
•    Airtel
•    Zantel
•    Halotel

How to buy a prepaid sim card Tanzania

The simplest way to purchase a international sim card Tanzania is do so fast outside the international terminal at Dar es Salaam airport. Upon existing the arrival area, you will find yourself face to face with a Vodacom store, and it will take just 5 minutes to get register  with a Vodacom sim card Tanzania.

Around the country, just look for a salesperson sitting beneath an umbrella with the providers branding on it. Bear in mind that you will need your passport for SIM card purchase from any network, so ensure you have got it with you.

Tanzania introduction fresh SIM card registration requirements in 2019, but in general they have affected domestic residents more than visitors. For now at least, you should still be capable to register your SIM at an official store or registration agent using just your passport.

If you are flying into Zanzibar, you will be capable to pickup up a mobile sim card tanzania at the airport on the island. You can also get one at Darajani Bazar outside of the old town in Stone town.

Which is the best mobile network in Tanzania?


Vodacom Tanzania, just Vodacom, is the biggest operator in Tanzania. It has the top coverage all through the country, but they are also the most costly operator. Vodacom plans to cover ninety percent of the population with their 4G/LTE network.

Vodacom SIM cards sold all the way up to five-thousand TZS in Vodacom stores and different other places. Some of these establishments may sell you a SIM card for as pretty as five-hundred TZS. Ensure to ask for their LTE/4G SIM card to take benefit of Vodacom 4G network.

Tigo Tanzania

Tigo Tanzania, Just Tigo, is the second biggest operator in the country. It was the primary operator to begin with LTE/4G in Tanzania. Their full coverage is best, but not as great as Vodacom, but Tigo is pretty affordable than Vodacom and claims to have the quickest LTE/4G network with tigo sim card Tanzania.
Tigo SIM cards are sold in two variants: 3G Sim cards for one-thousand TZS and 4G/LTE SIM cards for five-thousand TZS. You can get Tigo SIM card at Tigo stores.

Airtel Tanzania

Airtel Tanzania, just Airtel, is the 3rd biggest operator in Tanzania. They have perfect coverage, they are affordable than Vodacom, so they can be considered a budget choice. Reports show that Airtel has the top coverage in Northern Tanzania, so you should consider Airtel if going to these locations.
Airtel sim card Tanzania can be acquired for two-thousand TZS in Airtel stores.

How much is a SIM card in Tanzania?

SIM cards and data sim card Tanzania are expensive.

A Vodacom SIM card and package valid for a week costs 15,000 TZS. This contains one-thousand for the SIM card, four-thousand TZS to cut it down to nanoSIM size, and 10,000 TZS for 4.5 GB of data, two-hundred minutes of local calls, and hundred domestic text messages.

Zantel SIM cards are also one-thousand TZS. 1.2 GB of data valid for a week costs another five-thousand TZS.

SIM cards can be purchased quite much everywhere. Like in most of Eastern Africa, the mobile phone network twins as a payment system. So you find a lot of locations to top up Tanzania sim card for other objectives as well. Be aware that your SIM card needs to be registered on your name by law.