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Chaouen, or Chefchaouen, is a city in the Rif Mountains of Morocco northwest. It is famous for the striking, blue-washing buildings of its traditional town. Here are some of the best attractions:

Kasbah Museum
In the heart of medina lie the charming Andalusian Gardens, which stand as a peaceful green oasis complementing the relaxing food of blue which characterises the town. Within these garden stands of Ethnographic museum, called as the Kasbah Museum, which invites visitors to enjoy its unrivalled set of artefacts which tells the story of the Chefchaouen area, with everything from musical to pottery instruments.

Grand mosque
Generally the point of focus for the sightseeing trips, unsurprisingly so given the significance of mosques in Moroccan culture, the Grand Mosque of Chefchaouen is famous with visitors, perhaps thanks to its special octagonal minaret. The charming echoes of the call to prayer which sound 5 times a day make an amazing atmosphere, and the remarkable architecture which dats back to the fifteen century is gorgeous.

Ras el-Ma
Translating as head of the water, this is the level at which the fresh mountain water trickles its way into the town, and proves a famous gathering location for locals. A substitute to the remote and big waterfalls of the mountains, these refreshing falls are much excellent to both escape the heat, and to get another insight into standard daily life, locals combine here to wash their clothes and just have a friendly water cooler moment.

Bus Tickets from Fes to Chefchaouen FAQs

What is the affordable way to get from Fes to Chefchaouen?

The affordable way to get from Fes to Chefchaouen by bus. Fes to Chefchaouen bus fare $11 - $17 and takes 4h 15m.

What is the travel distance of Chefchaouen and Fes?

The travel distance of Chefchaouen and Fes is 131 km.

How do I move from Fes to Chefchaouen without a car?

The top way to get buses from Fes to Chefchaouen which takes 4h 15m and costs $11 - $17.

Can I drive from Fes to Chefchaouen? 

Yes, the driving distance between Chefchaouen and Fes is 206 km. it takes bus from Fes to Chefchaouen airport 3h 35m to drive from Fes to Chefchaouen.